Security System Maintenance. Why is it so important?

In any installation that we need to protect, we can never forget the importance of carrying out security system maintenance. In this post we will explain what is the maintenance of a security system. We will talk about what each of the different types of existing maintenance are – corrective maintenance and preventive maintenance – and the differences between them.

The maintenance of the security system involves periodic checks of all the elements that make up the installation (cameras, detectors, computers, circuits, lighting systems, etc.) to verify that they work well. This would be preventive maintenance. Next, systems that are not functioning properly would be corrected or repaired (corrective maintenance).

Maintenance Plan

Any place that has a security system connected to an alarm receiver or with its own control center must have a written document that establishes the review deadlines and the scope of periodic reviews. This preventive maintenance plan must be known by the organization, especially those responsible for security. And it must allow to know at all times what elements were reviewed in each inspection and what were the results, as well as the corrective measures that were adopted.

mantenimiento del sistema de seguridad

The list of items to be checked in preventive maintenance is detailed in Order INT / 316/2011, of February 1, on the operation of alarm systems in the field of private security, in addition to adding a field of observations with the results obtained, as well as date and signature of those responsible for the maintenance plan.

If we prevent possible failures of the security system, we are anticipating unwanted situations that may have a dramatic reach. For example, if one of the cameras or detectors of the security perimeter does not work, we have an important gap that can be used by intruders to enter our facilities without our knowledge.

Maintenance of computer systems

In any productive system we have in our company, computer equipment plays an important role. The equipment is controlled by computers and software. This also happens in security systems. We have to know at all times that the computer equipment works correctly. And we must make the necessary backups following a strict program, to prevent possible loss of information such as video recordings with a maximum expiration of 30 days, detected alert logs, security system failures, etc.

You must also have a good antivirus and antimalware system. The malfunction of computer equipment because they introduce us to a virus or malware can be a security breach of our system. The attack on our facilities can start physically, but also by a computer intrusion.

A computer attack can cause parts of the security system to stop working, but it can also be used to erase or steal vital information.

Corrective maintenance of the security system

Corrective maintenance is aimed at repairing or replacing security system elements that are not working properly. It is a reactive system: something does not work and is repaired or replaced until it works well. Only what is broken is repaired. Until that moment nothing is done. It is an unexpected cost for the company and is not done in a planned way. It is corrected without more when it occurs.

Preventive maintenance of the security system

In preventive maintenance, however, we do not act reactively, but instead try to anticipate the possible failures of the security system and prevent the failure from appearing. It would be something similar to the changes of oils and filters that we make in our cars: they serve to prevent major breakdowns.

Together with preventive maintenance, predictive maintenance is becoming stronger every day. The security team issues certain alerts so that we know that a breakdown is about to happen, so that we can correct it and avoid a greater evil.

mantenimiento del sistema de seguridad

Predictive maintenance is ahead of the system breakdown. It tells us that we have to make small corrections or adjustments, such as cleaning or replacing small parts to avoid a more expensive and expensive breakdown.

We must be proactive with our security system

For the maintenance of a security system, we must carry out a proactive strategy. We should not only maintain preventively and correctively. In addition, we have to try to carry out a strategy of joint improvement so that the installation increases its security levels. All this so that we can rely more on our system.

If we track the most recurring failures, we can re-engineer the system to avoid more expenses and more errors in the security installation.

All this can be framed in the definition of the security projects that our installation company makes us.

Some measures of security system maintenance

In a industrial safety maitenance, a series of concrete and basic measures that we analyze are usually carried out.

  • Maintenance of security cameras. We have to check perimeter cameras and internal cameras frequently. The cameras are the eyes of our security system. Within this maintenance we have to include the revision of the fiber optic cabling, the IP connections of the cameras if necessary, the power supply systems, and the lighting for night vision if necessary.

  • Review of computer servers and video storage systems, as well as the control and monitoring center. It is the central part of our security system. There can be no failure to record images because they are possible tests and they help us analyze possible failures in security systems. Nor can there be communication failures between security elements (cameras, detectors, etc.) and the control center.

The maintenance of the security system is as important as its engineering and installation phase. These are complex systems with different technological equipment that have to be 100% operational if we want them to fulfill their function. We have to be demanding with the company that designs and installs our security system, but also with the one that deals with its maintenance. Only then we guarantee the security of our facilities.

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