Security Systems for Construction Site

Today, there are a wide variety of Security Systems for Construction Site because they are the best preventive measures that can be taken. For example, self-contained CCTV security units are widely accepted for the many benefits they offer.

The Spanish company Microsegur, which is a benchmark in security systems engineering, proposes a new solution: autonomous CCTV posts. The experience of almost 30 years in the sector favors the creation of a totally innovative technology to control the works and reduce possible occupational risks.

Although, the organization in this sector depends on certain factors, so it is necessary to keep records to solve any problems that may arise. Improvements in safety and working conditions depend mainly on the measures that are adopted.

Autonomous security systems units for the prevention of occupational hazards

Security cameras and video surveillance play a critical role in ensuring integrity in the construction industry. Although it is true that the signage is very important, because it informs any user about the temporary completion of work. The safety posts are some of the preventive strategies that help to control the zones or work areas to achieve a much more effective work.

As we well know, the use of a tape, chain or panel are very useful informative resources, therefore, an autonomous work post is a different and novel alternative that offers many advantages.

These posts are characterized by being the perfect solution to monitor solar plants, works or large surfaces. In addition, it includes closed circuit television (CCTV), a video surveillance technology that is used to monitor the different activities and provide very useful information.

With this initiative, the aim is to deploy watchtowers to control in real time any problem that may arise in the development of a job. In addition, these Eguard devices can be relocated according to the progress of the work with the sole purpose of increasing safety.

Technology and strategy to guarantee occupational security

Technology is the only way to deal in an agile way with the difficulties that arise on a day-to-day basis. For this reason, Eguard is positioned as a pioneering idea in the private security sector. As this company specializes in perimeter security in complex environments, this proposal is a guarantee if we take into account its international presence and successful projects.

There is no doubt that strategically establishing video surveillance points along a perimeter is conducive to security. The access of people and vehicles can be inspected to prevent the introduction of unauthorized materials. For this reason, this identification and surveillance through a closed television circuit makes it possible to detect any type of intrusion.

In short, all the tasks that the construction sector includes, as well as the materials used in the most sensitive areas, can be supervised to guarantee safety and avoid unnecessary dangers or risks.

The main advantages of the Eguard system

The Eguard autonomous security units that Microsegur proposes to us adapts to the needs of each client who needs safety systems on construction sites. The main objective is protection, which is why they stand as an ideal alternative to monitor 24 hours a day any point known as hot, storage areas, work booths or employee parking.

It is a compact and easy to transport system that is configured remotely. Therefore, it can be of great help to professionals in the surveillance sector, as they have the ability to operate over large areas. In addition, video analysis with thermal cameras offers many functionalities and makes work easier.

The technical characteristics of this autonomous security unit

To know the benefits of this security system it is necessary to take a look at its technical characteristics.

  • This protection resource is fully customizable, so light signals, public address and video can be adapted.
  • It has a great range because its coverage for video analysis is 360º and 350 meters away.
  • You can make local or remote recording.
  • This system is connected to the Turkana alarm receiving center.
  • Its power is made through batteries supported by solar panels.
  • It has a minimum autonomy of up to three days without receiving solar radiation.

Sistemas de seguridad en obras

The benefits of the Eguard CCTV 

While it is true that one of the main advantages of these security systems is autonomy and savings, there are other benefits that we list below.

  • Quick Install. This type of security is very easy to install and deploy. Above all, it is ideal for temporary installations, for the execution of works and for maintenance or repair of security systems.
  • Design. Its 4 x 4 aesthetic only requires 5 m² for its installation. Even on uneven surfaces.
  • The autonomy. They can act up to three consecutive days without the need for solar radiation.
  • Connectivity. It can be installed in any location because different communications can be made through 3G, 4G, radio and satellite.
  • Saving. This aspect is vital if we take into account that there is a 75% reduction in work costs in physical security.
  • Safety. It has several anti-tamper systems and is connected 24/7 to our Turkana CRAs to activate the action protocol in case of intrusion and notify the Police.

Security Systems for Construction Site

Personalization, a key factor that meets customer expectations

The customizable configuration of the Eguard tower allows the use of different security cameras with different ranges, adapting to the needs of each client. We can find from thermal cameras to conventional ones, as well as PTZ domes, mini domes or radars.

Likewise, there are different examples of configurations such as the combination of several thermal cameras with different optics or the insertion of a thermal one with a minidome or the PTZ dome, with radar and 4G communications.

Contact us if you have any questions about safety systems on construction sites. At Microsegur you will find security professionals who will answer your questions and advise you in the most appropriate way according to your needs. Request information without any commitment! We are at your entire disposal with the sole purpose of providing the best service.





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