What is a security microphone cable?

Perimeter protection systems are used to prevent intruders from entering facilities. Thanks to the existing technology of today, there are many elements that can help security personnel to know when there are dangers of this type. Knowing what a security microphone cable is can serve to implement this system and thus provide an installation with one of the best anti-intrusion equipment on the market.

What is a security microphone cable and how it works

The different types of perimeter protection systems are aimed at preventing or detecting that people outside a room can enter it. For this, different elements are installed whose mission is to detect when someone tries to enter and emit a signal so that the security teams abort the intrusion.

One of these elements is the security microphone cable, and they are installed detectors capable of obtaining capacitive disturbances in order to identify cuts, bumps, escalations, gaps or footprints. They are located on barbed wire, walls and all kinds of perimeter fences, and when they detect a movement, they send electronic alarm signals to the security center.

Qué es un cable microfónico

The captured signal is transmitted to a processor, also called a node, with electronic circuits that are connected to a PC, which is capable of identifying the level of the corresponding warning signal using specific software. The computer, thanks to the plan of the enclosure, is in charge of showing where the alarm originated so that the security agents can act as quickly as possible.

Characteristics of the security microphone cable

Once we know what a microphone cable is, we are going to break it down to understand how it works:

  • Microphone sensor cable: The sensor enclosure functions as a high-fidelity microphone that listens to all sounds produced in its area of ​​influence. It is easy to install, sturdy, non-obstructive, and long-lasting. It is installed on the fence with seals and has different sensitivity ranges. It should be placed around the perimeter fence and separated based on its range of action.
  • Electronic analyzer: It is the signal processor in charge of monitoring the output of the sensor cable. It is designed to ignore certain records such as those caused by weather or as a result of animals. In this way, false alarms and their associated problems are avoided. If the wire is cut, damaged, or interfered with, the analyzer detects it and signals it with the corresponding alert.
  • Anemometer: This element connects directly to the analyzer and, through its calibration, its trigger level is adjusted to avoid false alarms that can be produced by the wind.

How does the security microphone cable work?

For it to be a system of optimal operation, the cables must be distributed in such a way that they are able to cover the entire existing perimeter. To produce quick responses, it is convenient to divide the room into zones, called control units, in such a way that they are perfectly identifiable when a system alarm is received.

The control units are connected to a software in charge of monitoring the real-time status of the installation. This can be done in such a way that the perimeter appears on the screen, or be connected to an alarm panel that shows the area where the intrusion occurs.

It is interesting not to establish extensive areas of action, since what is important is that when an alarm goes off, it identifies with the greatest precision the point where it originated. For this, the recommendation of the experts is that there be no more than 150 m in each of them. It is very important to note that the wiring must be in perfect condition for optimal use of the system. At the same time, it must have a homogeneous tension in all its parts and it is essential that there is no vegetation in the surroundings so that false signals are not detected.

Types of security microphone cables

Knowing what a microphone cable is, it is easy to choose that these can be attached or buried. The former are designed to be placed on wires, walls, fences or perimeter surfaces of other materials.

The buried microphone cables have the same benefits as the previous ones, with the difference being that they are able to identify the weight that is on them and the footprints that may be on the surface, so they are a very effective system to detect intrusion actions .

Both systems are easy to install and their operating principle is the same, that is, they must be connected to software to interpret their warning signals.

Advantages and disadvantages of this perimeter security system

It is important to know the advantages and disadvantages of this system, because as we said previously, there are several on the market and it is convenient to make a good choice depending on the characteristics of the enclosure to be protected.

  • Advantages: It is one of the best ways to detect cuts, climbs or bumps in a wiring, so the security services can act quite quickly in the response. It is recommended for medium or large rooms, as it is a fairly inexpensive, easy and quick installation system.
  • Disadvantages: The fencing must be in optimal conditions of conservation and devoid of vegetation, for which it forces to have high expenses in the maintenance of the enclosure. The tension is extremely important, since with one that is not homogeneous, the calibration can be quite complicated. Also, you must have several control units, since in very large areas it is necessary to establish a precise range of action for a good speed in the security services.

It is a security system that does not provide an image and therefore we lose the ability to visually verify the intrusion in real time to know if it is a false alarm or not.

Now that we know what a security microphone cable is, we can understand why it is one of the most widely used anti-intrusion systems in perimeter protection of large areas. Power stations, refineries, mines and large facilities choose this security system, compatible with a CCTV system to verify the signals. We recommend that its installation requires experts in the field such as Microsegur, since we are specialists in the protection of industrial premises. For more information, contact us and we will give you the best security options available.




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