Artificial intelligence in security cameras

Artificial intelligence has advanced very rapidly over the last decade, and today we can appreciate it thanks to all the fields and sectors where it is being applied successfully. Artificial intelligence in security cameras, for example, is having a great impact thanks to the analysis and identification capabilities that can be performed with this technology. They are systems capable of acting even in real time, so they are ideal for implementation in all types of video surveillance and perimeter surveillance equipment.

Artificial intelligence applied to security cameras

The application of artificial intelligence in video surveillance focuses on specific programs or systems that are loaded into security camera devices, and that allow the analysis of audio and images to identify people, vehicles, objects, events and behaviors in real time. . In this way, the software or firmware of the devices facilitates the automatic recognition of patterns and situations that could require a security response.

Artificial intelligence applied to video surveillance systems elevates them to a new level of quality, utility and precision. AI embeds analytics and prediction into these systems, so they run autonomously, quickly, and highly efficiently.

The application of artificial intelligence in security cameras has the great advantage that it can be adapted to any type of device, such as thermal cameras, cameras, infrared cameras, outdoor cameras, etc.

Advantages of the application of AI in security cameras

The application of security cameras with AI in different sectors offers a series of very interesting benefits, among which we can highlight:

Detect emergency alert situations

AI-equipped security cameras can automatically detect people and objects in real time. This allows security systems to identify potential threats to facilitate a quick and effective response, such as possible fainting of people, muggings, accidents…

Differentiate between false alerts and real alarms

AI security cameras can differentiate between false alerts and real alarms, reducing the number of false alarms that can lead to wasted time and resources (such as preventing a security worker from going to a particular location due to a penetration alert). perimeter, which ends up being a false alarm).

They are able to identify if an incursion has been made by a small animal (such as a bird or mouse) or if it is an unauthorized human presence.

Inteligencia artificial en cámaras de seguridad

Automated location of people and vehicles

The sophisticated AI systems that incorporate these types of cameras can be used to locate people or vehicles automatically. It is common for security forces to use this type of cameras to find stolen vehicles or locate vehicles involved in criminal actions.

AI cameras are also useful for identifying people in real time thanks to image comparison, which is why they are often used for security in crowded areas, such as airports or seaports.

Access control

In access control systems, AI in security cameras helps to improve their operation and raise their level of precision and functionality. For example, they are capable of giving a person automated access to an area with just their presence at the access point (thanks to identifying their face).

Crime prevention

The use of this type of cameras helps to identify possible crimes against people, goods and property, which allows security forces to act quickly and efficiently to prevent them, or minimize their consequences.

Capacity measurement

For both public and private places, security cameras that use artificial intelligence are very useful to measure the capacity of people.

In this way, security measures in this regard can be precisely complied with (for example, in the case of the need for social distancing, or to prevent an area from exceeding the maximum number of people allowed).

Reduced security costs

Cameras with AI incorporate analysis systems that act independently and without the need for the intervention of an operator or worker.

This has a direct impact on security costs, since it will not be necessary to have a large staff of security workers, since the AI performs the monitoring, analysis and alert processes autonomously.

Integration with other technological applications

One of the great advantages of this type of cameras based on artificial intelligence is that they allow easy integration with other systems, as we have previously mentioned with access control systems. Other integrations of these cameras with:

  • Illumination systems.
  • Traffic management systems.
  • Fire detection systems.
  • Data analysis systems.

Artificial intelligence in security cameras

IA Turkana System

With our Turkana artificial intelligence service, we offer you a system that is compatible with any security infrastructure, regardless of the technology you use.

It is a technology capable of accurately and autonomously identifying the types of images captured thanks to the application of sophisticated AI algorithms. In this way, the warnings will be filtered, giving way only to those that are real alerts, and discarding all the false alarms (such as animals, insects, wind, rain…).

Artificial intelligence in security cameras is a reality that we can enjoy right now in video surveillance systems. AI in security cameras offers great advantages to companies, offices and industries.

Having an alarm verification service specialized in perimeter protection systems like the one we offer at Microsegur, in addition to opting for our AI-based security camera system, is the best solution to guarantee the protection of your business. Do not hesitate and contact Microsegur, we will offer you a solution specially designed for the needs and peculiarities of your company.

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