Fingerprint Identification System

Security has become a key and essential matter for companies and individuals in the digital and globalized environment in which we find ourselves. In order to guarantee the privacy and integrity of the information, it is essential to use modern and sophisticated technologies, one of the most efficient being fingerprint identification.

Using applications in the cloud, smart vehicles and other digital systems is much safer through biometric controls such as fingerprints, using mobile phones or face-to-face access control devices, for example.

Among the different types of security biometrics, fingerprint identification is one of the most interesting due to its ease of use, simplicity and high degree of precision when it comes to unequivocally identifying people.

What is a fingerprint identification system

The fingerprint is the structure that forms on the fingertips and that is different and unique for each person, which is why it has been used for a long time as a precise and reliable recognition system by governments and companies.

A fingerprint identification system is a digital system that is responsible for scanning fingerprints to identify a person and grant permission or access.

This biometric technology is very popular today and we can find it in all kinds of systems and devices, such as mobile phones, tablets, ATMs or access controls, among others. Even some vehicle manufacturers are already betting on this type of fingerprint recognition technology, as is the case with Hyundai.

How does a fingerprint identification system work?

A fingerprint identification system needs a series of elements in order to be properly implemented.

  • Software. It is necessary to use a computer algorithm to be able to accurately check and verify fingerprints.
  • Scanner or sensor. To be able to obtain the fingerprint and make the comparison through the software.
  • Database. This technology is based on having a database where the fingerprints are registered and organized to be able to use this data for comparison.

fingerprint identificacion system

How does fingerprint identification software work?

The algorithms used by this type of program scan a person’s fingerprint, establishing a series of reference points. Using a complex mathematical formula, they convert these points into a reference that serves to make the comparison more efficiently.

As it is sensitive data that identifies people, fingerprint identification programs usually encrypt all data to prevent it from being accessed by the same unauthorized third parties.

Cuáles son las ventajas de la identificación por huella dactilar

Fingerprint identification technology has become one of the most efficient and used worldwide, given the large number of benefits it offers.

  • Legal acceptance. This technology is legally accepted and recognized so it can be used validly.
  • Reliability. If a good database and sophisticated software are available, the fingerprint identification system offers a high degree of reliability.
  • Economic. This technology is cheap compared to other types of biometric identification (such as eye or face detection, for example).
  • Automation. The entire process is automated for recognition, which speeds up time and eliminates human error.
  • Versatility. This type of technology can be used in different areas, such as for access control to venues, verification of the use of digital tools and platforms, bank procedures, replacement of password systems…

Identificación por huella dactilar

Examples of companies that use fingerprint identification

There are many companies that already incorporate this technology due to its multiple benefits. Its versatility and ease of implementation allows us to find examples of companies that use fingerprint identification in many sectors.

Mobile phone manufacturers

One of the industries that is most committed to fingerprint detection and identification technology is that of mobile devices. Large manufacturers such as Apple, Xiaomi or Samsung have been incorporating for years the possibility of blocking access to their devices by configuring the fingerprint.

Car industry

The automotive sector also has examples of companies that are clearly committed to fingerprint identification technology, such as Bentley or Hyundai. Thanks to its use, it increases safety and facilitates access to vehicles or even starting.

Banks and financial entities

Another sector where the use of fingerprints is key to increasing the security of transactions is banking. Most banks rely on this technology to verify the identity of their customers when they access online platforms, or to verify the online operations they carry out.

Among the banks that embrace this technology we can name BBVA and Banco Santander, for example.


Many security companies offer advanced access control systems that use fingerprint identification. Its implementation for access to car parks, public lockers and other accesses is common in shops, shopping centers, offices and all kinds of companies.


Fingerprint identification is one of the most interesting technologies today, because in addition to being very reliable, it has a low implementation cost and can be applied to many systems and processes.

If you need to implement a fingerprint identification system, contact to Microsegur, we are specialists in security solutions for companies and we have extensive experience in the sector, so we can offer personalized advice that suits your needs and budget. business.


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