How an ARC – Alarm Reiciving Center works?

An ARC – Alarm Receiving or Monitoring Center, is a monitoring and control center, where the alarm signals emitted by a security system are received and monitored.

When an unwanted intrusion occurs in a space protected by a security system, the immediate feedack is the activation of an alarm. This system may not be connected to a central office, and communicate the alarm only to the customer or activate only a sound warning, for example.

But in this post we are referring to the facilities that do have a reception center that is responsible for managing that alert, such as Turkana, the verification system belonging to Microsegur..

The alarm receiving central operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. When an alarm jump occurs, a security protocol is activated, which may include the warning to the security forces, the private surveillance service or the client.

How an ARC – Alarm Reiciving Center works?

The ARC receives alarm signals from different security elements such as surveillance cameras, infrared barriers, fiber optic detector cables, motion detectors, etc. These systems detect the unusual presence of a potential intruder and send the notice to the ARC, where the personnel attending it will activate a response to that emergency situation following an established protocol.

The importance of ARCs in perimeter security systems

Perimeter security systems are designed to cover the security of large areas, which have a large perimeter and where it is difficult to control entirely with physical surveillance. These perimeter surveillance systems can coexist with physical or non-physical face surveillance.

They are systems designed to protect factories, industrial estates, photovoltaic parks, detention centers, homes, etc.

On many occasions, customers cannot hire permanent physical surveillance and seek remote surveillance contracted with a ARC, which relies on the perimeter security system to secure the facilities.

In other cases, there is an actual physical surveillance, but since it is such a large area to be covered, it needs the support of the electronic equipment that forms a perimeter security system.

Benefits provided by a ARC

The alarm receiving center is an essential complement for any security system. When an alarm happens, it is important that it be managed quickly and professionally by a company with experience and with the necessary means to give a correct answer.

The alarm that does not notify anyone or that only warns the client, does not help really much, because it cannot give an appropriate response and because it can be dangerous. The advice is to involve professionals who decide if they have to call the security company, the state security forces, the maintenance service or the owner when necessary.

Turkana: ARC Microsegur

Microsegur is a security engineering company, leader in advanced perimeter security. We have a long history in the protection of large spaces that require very complex security systems.

In Microsegur we deal with all aspects related to the implementation of security systems: engineering, installation and maintenance. Our clients are large industrial and commercial companies: solar parks, power plants, airports, explosives stores, logistics and commercial centers, residential areas and business parks.

To complete our service offer and provide comprehensive protection to our customers, we created Turkana, an alarm receiving center equipped with the best computer platform to intelligently handle the security incidents of the facilities we manage.

With Turkana we receive all the alarm signals of the installation. These are verified and cataloged by our specialized staff. We discard the false alarms and activate the corresponding protocol only for the real signals and for the technical failures of the system.

With the real alarms, we notify the security forces, the security security guards and the clients. With technical failures a specific treatment is followed by opening a maintenance ticket.

The Turkana ARC has great advantages for our clients. It is compatible with any security system installed. Customer monitoring and control is through a very simple and intuitive web tool. In case of excess false alarms, we have a highly developed alarm prioritization system in which the cameras are degraded, not canceled.

With the comprehensive management of Turkana, we also give high priority to maintenance tasks, which are essential for the security installation to function properly and for security breaches.

In the case of photovoltaic parks, intelligent alarm management is essential. These are large areas, sometimes in remote places. These installations are characterized by having a high number of false alarms, which requires an efficient reception service that optimizes interventions. We have a great experience in surveillance of photovoltaic parks and we make an agile and truthful treatment of false alarms.

In photovoltaic parks it is important to have a good alarm reception service. The complexity of these facilities, and the high number of false alarms, mean that, in many cases, classic perimeter security systems do not work properly when managed by non-specialized companies.

Our ARC cost are very similar to the prices of a conventional alarm receiving center, with the great difference that we offer a much higher level of signal processing. We have two different service levels adapted to the needs of our customers.

The security of large areas must be carried out by specialized companies that have the technical and human resources to carry it out. Perimeter security is complex and a detailed engineering must be done. The same solutions cannot be applied to all places. A fundamental pillar of a security system is to have a good alarm receiving center, such as our Turkana software, which prioritizes the necessary response and has the capacity to know when we are before a real or false alarm. And manage and process the necessary corrective maintenance incidents of any security facility.

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