How does a security patrol control system work?

Surveillance rounds are common actions carried out by security guards within the perimeter of a facility to detect any incident or security breach and thus be able to act appropriately to solve it. Having and knowing how a modern and efficient patrol control works is essential to guarantee the best level of service both in traditional companies or industries, and in special facilities (transport and logistics, large venues, critical infrastructures…).

What is a security patrol control system?

A round control is a system specially designed to manage the rounds of surveillance that are carried out by security teams to inspect the key points of the facilities of a company or industry, checking that everything is in perfect condition and that they help to prevent security breaches.

Types of round control

There are two types of rounds that are carried out in security services, face-to-face and remote.

  • Control of face-to-face rounds. These systems help the process carried out by the guards when they have to go through the facilities following a certain route, checking and verifying the security of different critical points.
  • Remote patrol control. They are systems specially designed to be able to manage surveillance rounds remotely, without the security guard having to travel to the different control points. For this, technology such as CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) is used, sophisticated video surveillance cameras (zoom, movement control, sound warning systems…).

Cómo funciona un control de rondas

How does a security patrol control system work?

A round control is implemented in an installation to facilitate the entire process to be carried out in the surveillance rounds.

Set the route

In the first place, it is essential to establish the route to be taken during the surveillance round, either in person with the guards moving, or remotely, using the image and sensor circuits.

In this phase, the key or critical points to be monitored must be specified with the client, in order to implement the necessary control points where the passage or access of the guard is verified.

Set the schedules

The control of rounds must be carried out with marked schedules to have a guide that facilitates the work of the guards. Despite being a process that is repeated continuously, performing the same operations in each round, it is important not to fall into a schedule routine for surveillance rounds, as this will provide criminals with information on when the different areas are of the company unattended.

Use appropriate technology

To carry out rounds control efficiently, it is necessary to have the necessary technological resources that enhance and facilitate the process.

In face-to-face patrol controls, having a reader will make it easier for the security guard to check each of the control points established throughout the patrol by the facilities.

In remote patrol control systems, the use of motion sensors and special security video cameras allow patrols to be carried out much more quickly and efficiently.

Keep track of rounds

All actions and tasks carried out during round control must be recorded (in a minute book or electronic record, for example). This information is very useful to verify the efficiency of the service, to be able to detect problems or breaches, and to improve the entire process in search of the best results.

How does a security patrol control system work


Why round control is so esential?

The facilities of an industry or company need to be guarded efficiently to prevent criminals from stealing material or information, or carrying out acts of sabotage.

The main advantages of implementing this type of security services are:

Anticipate potential risks. Constantly checking the status of the facilities (doors, windows, accesses, gates…) helps detect any security problem or incident and apply the necessary measures to solve it. Patrol control is an ideal system to prevent problems, anticipating potential security risks.
Provide an effective and immediate response. With this type of system, an agile response to any event or incident is achieved. Both in remote systems and on-site rounds, the response capacity to security incidents will be much faster and more efficient. For example, with a remote patrol control connected to a ACR (Alarm Receiving Center) an immediate action protocol can be activated in the event of any security incident.
Implement a dissuasive system. The control of rounds serves as a dissuasive element so that criminals cease their efforts to act in the facilities of the industry or company.

We have seen how patrol control works and why it is so important to have this type of security system to guarantee the protection of the special installations of an industry or a company. Thanks to our services at Microsegur, as a professional company with years of experience in the security world, you will be able to implement patrol control adapted to the needs and characteristics of each installation or venue.

It is very important to have an alarm verification service specialized in perimeter protection systems, because in this way you will have the best guarantee of an efficient response to any security incident, enhancing the efficiency of patrol control.

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