Mobile CCTV Security Unit

The world of security is changing and innovative companies need to adapt to new circumstances and develop effective solutions to new challenges. Monitoring remote or large areas where there is no adequate infrastructure was a complex challenge until now. In these adverse circumstances, having a Mobile CCTV Security Unit for remote areas can be a strategic solution to ensure security.

What is this mobile security equipment proposal?

Monitoring isolated areas, large tracts of land where there is still no power or telephony, fields, deserts or large outdoor events such as concerts and fairs was very complicated from a technical point of view. The only possible solution was to resort to making a temporary installation of conventional closed television circuits, powered by generators, with the high costs that this entails, or to redouble surveillance with security guards, which is also very expensive, apart from the fact that these vigilantes do not have the support of surveillance cameras, which makes their work difficult.

Take, for example, a work that is in its early stages. There is still no electricity and no communication infrastructure. The only solution was to set up sentry boxes for face-to-face guards who did not have any technical support.

The solution to alleviate these deficiencies is to have a unit like eGuard. It is an autonomous and highly customizable post to cover all the security needs of the space that we have to protect.

Advantages of Mobile CCTV Security Unit

These are the main advantages of this Mobile CCTV Security Unit:

  • Ideal for monitoring, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, critical points such as storage areas for construction materials. These are the targets preferred by thieves, because they expect to find little or no protected space where there are no cameras.
  • Compact and easily transportable. It is a device that can be installed quickly in a very short time. It is not necessary to do any previous installation because everything is in a consistent pack that can be assembled and disassembled in a few minutes. In addition, it is easy to transport and can be taken with an SUV to any point no matter how remote it may be.
  • Completely autonomous equipment: it has its own communication system (3G, 4G, satellite and radio) and power supply (thanks to its system of solar panels and batteries). That is why it is a device that can be easily deployed anywhere.
  • Remote configuration. Thanks to its connection via mobile or satellite telephony, the equipment can be configured remotely.
  • The eGuard is an ideal support for guards who have to cover large areas of land and who cannot count on the support of a conventional video surveillance installation.
  • The equipment is highly customizable. Different types of surveillance equipment can be placed, such as video analysis with thermal cameras, conventional cameras or PTZ domes. Public address equipment, alarms and light signals can also be placed.
  • Immediate availability. Being a completely autonomous device, easily transportable and quick to install, the eGuard is always available. We can even move it within the work itself without having to call the technical service.
  • Great savings in cost of surveillance on site. With the eGuard we can monitor large areas of land and very remote and isolated points to which we do not have to send guards. With fewer personnel, more area is covered and surveillance rounds are reduced.
  • Connected to 24/7 alarm reception center, Turkana with notice to the police. The eGuard is permanently connected to the central monitoring station. Having an alarm receiving center is very important, since we have an intelligent monitoring and analysis of the alarms that occur. So we can go to the alarm before, prioritize them or discard false alarms, something very interesting when we are in the field or in very remote areas.

Mobile CCTV Security Unit



In which situations is it possible to use eGuard

The eGuard is a multipurpose surveillance system. It is valid in construction works, especially in the initial phases, when there is still nothing. But also on large sites at any time during construction. In this way we avoid having to install surveillance infrastructure that can hinder the normal development of the works, or that we will have to dismantle later, which doubles the cost, in addition to the fact that this equipment can be damaged during assembly and disassembly.

It is especially suitable for monitoring solar plants. The immediacy of its deployment, and its self-sufficiency in terms of communications, makes it ideal for this type of facility that is located in places far away from everything, with large perimeters to monitor.

Due to the current situation caused by Covid-19, eGuard can be configured to detect if the measures of social distancing and hygiene are met, such as the use of the mask.

Mobile CCTV Security Unit

In outdoor events such as concerts or other types of shows, we have to cover a large area full of people, where different types of mishaps can occur. EGuards are compact, resistant and vandal-resistant. They are placed at the strategic points of the event without great difficulties. The light signals or public address equipment are used to transmit messages or alarms in case of accidents or other mishap. We will also have eyes in the center of an agglomeration of people that will allow us to direct the rescue teams, police or doctors if necessary.

Within large areas, these mobile surveillance equipment are an ideal complement to existing facilities on special occasions such as Christmas parties, sales, etc. They can be placed in temporary car parks or to reinforce the weakest points of the installation.

At vehicle conventions we have hundreds of cars parked outside waiting to be sold or to be moved to other facilities. Here the usual surveillance until now were the guards. With the eGuard we can cover with cameras all the points that interest us. The same occurs in temporary car parks that are improvised for fairs, parties or concerts.


As we have seen in this post, mobile CCTV security unit for remote areas is a fundamental tool to improve security in complex situations and spaces, where it is difficult to do a normal installation, such as in remote sites or construction sites. Or where, due to its ephemeral nature, it is not profitable to make an installation that we will later have to dismantle.




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