Security Systems for Industrial Warehouse

Companies are always the target of thieves. Thieves know that they can find products that can achieve a high market value and that access and escape are often not complicated. Precisely for this reason, security systems for industrial warehouse are totally essential today.

You don’t have to leave everything to the insurance

Today there are still many industrial buildings that do not have a good security system, business owners continue to think that in the event of theft, the insurance will take care of everything.

It is true that the insurer will pay for the damage caused by the thief and they will pay compensation for the missing items, but this is not the solution.

If a thief knows that a warehouse is vulnerable, it will not only steal once, it will steal several times. And after several robberies, the insurer will start to make trouble paying, and may even end up canceling the policy.

On the other hand, what the insurer pays is often not enough to cover theft damage. The disappearance of products, computer equipment and other materials will delay production and can lead to a loss of customers or a loss of competitiveness, and this is something that no compensation will compensate.

Why security systems for industrial warehouse is so necessary?

If these types of buildings are the target of thieves, it is because the warehouses are usually in industrial estates far from urban areas. At night there is usually no one in these areas, so criminals can move around them relatively easily and not worry about whether they make noise or someone sees them.

It must be added that the products in this type of buildings are very attractive for resale. From raw materials to finished products, through cash and computer equipment.

But the security of these buildings is not only compromised by the presence of criminals. In spaces where a large number of products are stored, the risk of fire is usually high.

Adequate protection for every building

The first thing to keep in mind when we talk about industrial security is that not all warehouses are exposed to the same risks and therefore do not need the same protection.

For example, large enclosures need protection both on the perimeter and within the buildings themselves. In logistics and transport companies, we are committed to perimeter security and specific security is added to protect certain products. In the case of critical infrastructures, the security measures must be maximum, so there will be no lack of fire safety systems, fence sensors, perimeter detectors, closed circuit television, etc.

Types of security systems for industrial warehouse

For every need there is a solution, but there are security systems that are among the most used in the industrial field, and they are the ones that we are going to review.

Fire protection systems

This is not an option but an obligation. The legislation imposes the minimum fire protection requirements that industrial warehouses must have. Typically this includes manual alarm systems, detection systems, alarm communication systems, equipped fire hydrants, portable fire extinguishers, automatic sprinklers, etc.

The specific equipment will depend on the characteristics of the establishment, so it is always advisable to have professional advice on this matter. What is usually done in these cases is a detailed study of the characteristics of the building and then preventive measures are adopted.

Motion detection systems

It is about installing sensors in certain areas, so that the alarm goes off when an unauthorized person enters these areas. It could be an intruder, but also a company worker who is not authorized to enter that part of the ship.

Normally, the system is connected to a central alarm. By jumping it, the security cameras are checked to see what is happening and if it is necessary to act or if it is a false alarm.

Security Systems for Industrial Warehouse

Perimeter protection systems

Most industrial warehouses have a perimeter that is important to protect. It can include trucks with or without merchandise and even employees’ vehicles.

The larger this area is, the more vulnerable it is, so protect it well to prevent possible intruders from entering the perimeter. What is done in these cases is to use different detectors, they can be long-range and volumetric sensors, infrared barriers and / or video systems.

Thanks to the latest technologies today, it is much easier to determine if something is really happening or if it is a false alarm caused by an animal or an atmospheric phenomenon.

Access and presence control systems

Access control is a good way to comply at the same time with the obligation to make a record of the hours of the employees. But through it you can also restrict access to certain areas of the company to certain employees. Today this can be done easily with the help of the latest technologies.

Security Fog

All of the above systems are designed to prevent outsiders from entering the company, but if intruders have managed to bypass all security measures, there is still something else that can be done.

Many warehouses already have a fog system. If an intruder is detected, an intense fog is generated that prevents visibility, so the thief cannot flee and time is saved for the police to go see what is happening.

Industrial warehouse security systems can save the company the loss of thousands of euros. Therefore, it is best to leave this matter in the hands of a company specialized in security, which can advise on the most appropriate measures in each specific case.

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