Special installations in industrial buildings

Industrial plants are complex systems that require a series of special facilities for their correct operation and safety. These installations include public address and communications systems, WIFI access, fire detection, access control and IT infrastructure, among many others. Special installations in industrial buildings are an essential part of guaranteeing a high level of productivity and agile operation of all their processes and tasks, so it must be a priority to optimize all this type of installation and bet on professionals with experience in this type of implementation.

What are the special facilities in industrial buildings?

There are many special facilities that we can find in an industry, since these are systems that optimize many processes and manage to raise the level of productivity and competitiveness of the business.

Let’s see some of the most interesting special installations in industrial plants:

Public address and communications systems

Public address and communications systems are essential in industrial plants, since they facilitate communication between different departments and areas, as well as the transmission of important information and notices.

These systems typically include speakers, microphones, amplifiers, and recording devices for managing messages, announcements, and announcements.

Wireless network access (Wi-Fi)

Nowadays it is very important in industrial plants to guarantee the connectivity of the equipment, machinery and mobile devices used, both in the production processes themselves, and by the workers in the plant. Providing adequate WIFI coverage is essential to guarantee reliable, continuous and high-speed data exchange.

In Industry 4.0, the Internet of Things is essential to ensure agile and efficient operation, and these devices need a high-performance network connection to communicate with each other and with a central unit (to transmit valuable data on production processes and machinery ).

Instalaciones especiales en plantas industriales

Hydraulic and pneumatic industrial installations

Hydraulic and pneumatic industrial installations are used in many industrial plants to control and manipulate fluids and gases in different processes where it is necessary to apply a controlled force.

For example, in a hydraulic installation, liquids, such as water or oil, are used to transfer the energy necessary to move machines or equipment. They are systems commonly used in heavy industry, such as construction, mining, and oil and gas production, where a large amount of force is required to move heavy loads.

On the other hand, in a pneumatic installation, gases, such as compressed air, are used to control processes and machinery. These systems are common in the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, where contamination can be a problem and compressed air is safer and cleaner than other fluids.

Hydraulic and pneumatic installations are two types of special installations for industrial plants that play a crucial role in their proper functioning.

Fire detection

In most industrial processes, a high temperature is generated, either because the process itself requires it, or in the machinery and devices involved. For this reason, the risk of fire in industrial plants is higher than in other business models.

Fire detection is an essential installation within any industrial plant for the prevention and control of fires. These systems include smoke and temperature detectors, alarms and automatic fire extinguishing systems (automated water sprinklers, gas systems…).

Access control

Safety in industrial plants is one of the most important issues to manage, since there are physical risks for workers and people, for the machinery itself, and for intellectual and industrial property.

Controlling access to plants is vital to ensure that no unauthorized person circulates through dangerous or restricted areas. Access control systems use sophisticated identification processes, such as access cards, barcodes, facial recognition or fingerprints to control traffic to different areas of the plant. This allows you to restrict access to high-risk areas, as well as monitor activity in real time.

Special installations in industrial buildings

IT infrastructures

Computer infrastructures are essential for the proper functioning of production systems in industrial plants. Providing a plant with the necessary IT resources, such as servers, communication networks, storage devices, and production and management software, is one of the priorities of Industry 4.0.

A solid and efficient IT infrastructure guarantees greater production efficiency, as well as the protection of critical data and systems.

Electrical installations

Although industries do not usually depend on a single energy source, the reality is that most industrial plants could not function without an electrical supply system.

This type of special facility has different components or systems, such as:

  • Uninterruptible power systems (SAI or UPS).
  • Transformers and electrical substations.
  • Safety grounding systems.
  • Lighting and lighting systems.
  • Supervision and control systems for electrical installations and plant equipment.
  • Protection against surges and short circuits.


Collaborative robots

Cobots or collaborative robots are devices that are increasingly used in modern industry, as they allow tasks to be carried out jointly with operators and technicians (guaranteeing their safety and freeing themselves from tasks so that they can dedicate themselves to other matters of greater importance or value). .

The introduction of cobots in industrial plants has allowed greater efficiency in production, since they can work continuously without getting tired, reduce errors and improve the quality of work. They have also improved workplace safety by reducing the risk of injury associated with repetitive or dangerous work.

We have seen some of the most common special installations in industrial plants that can be found today. In order to optimize all these special systems in a factory or production plant, contact Microsegur, we are specialists in special installations for all types of industries, and we offer you a service adapted to the needs and characteristics of your company.



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