Types of Security Systems for Solar Farms

Solar farms are facilities that are usually isolated in the middle of large geographical areas. They usually take up a lot of space and present a big problem for the management of your security: a wide perimeter with many points of possible entry. They are critical installations from the point of view of security, since they have very expensive materials (photovoltaic panels, inverters, copper wiring …) that are a claim for thieves.

Since the photovoltaic parks began to proliferate in our country and in the rest of the world, organized bands that carried out this type of robbery appeared, in which they obtained thousands of euros in one night.

The security of a photovoltaic plant requires an advanced system that can only be entrusted to an integral company that can handle engineering and consulting, the installation of safety equipment and the subsequent management of possible alarms.

Security Systems for Solar Farms

Perimeter security systems in photovoltaic parks are an essential element to ensure the safety of the installation. They provide an early detection of the intrusion attempt and activate an alarm before the theft happens.

A perimeter security system prevents significant damage to heritage because it alerts of unauthorized access and has a deterrent factor. The alarm and the early detection cause the escape of the intruders and also makes them think before entering if they know that the installation has an advanced detection system.

The protection is based on the installation of some outdoor alarm detectors. It all starts with an engineering and security consulting project where the characteristics of the perimeter to be protected and what are the best security solutions are taken into account.

CCTV Video Analysis

CCTV surveillance connected to the alarm reception center or the physical surveillance security company is an essential element for photovoltaic parks. It has great deterrent factor and this is the best form of remote monitoring of these facilities. At any moment we can see what is happening.

Conventional video surveillance has been added video analysis, which uses recognition software to detect intrusions. In addition, this system has a capacity for continuous learning and adaptation.

Access control

Access control through security cards, pins or biometric control, makes the doors of the photovoltaic park safe and ensures that only authorized personnel can enter it.

Secure communication networks

Communication networks can be supported by different technologies (IP connection, GPRS, satellite) and are essential for everything to work correctly: security teams can transmit the information to the security guards or to the alarm reception center.

Fence Sensors

The fence sensors, although currently in disuse, were one of the most important elements of the perimeter security of a solar farm, since they were wide spaces only closed by metal fences, rigid or flexible. The sensors can be of different types:

Vibration sensors: it is a special electronic detection system for flexible metal fences. Each sensor covers a part of the fence (from 2 to 2.5 meters) and is capable of detecting attempts to cut or climb it. This technology is immune to inclement weather, so it is very useful for adverse climates. They also have great sensitivity and precision in the detection of intruders.

Torsion sensors: it is a detection system for rigid metal fences. The detectors are placed at the base of the posts and detect any movement or deformation of the structure, causing the alarm to jump when there is an attempt to climb the fence or break it.

Microphone cable or fiber optic cable: these are cables that surround the entire perimeter of the fence and detect attempts to cut, scale or destroy the fence.

Alarma Reception Center

An Alarm Receptcion Center or ARC is essential to complete the perimeter security system. The control panel will receive all alarms detected by the equipment and the established security protocols may be activated.

Turkana is a software specialized in alarm reception that belongs to the company Microsegur, leader in photovoltaic park security.

With this ARC the customer can see the status of their installation in real time, thanks to its web application. A good ARC must be compatible with any security technology that is installed, and must have an alarm prioritization system to avoid unnecessary expenses and inconvenience. But you must also be able to detect all incidents.

False alarms are a big problem in photovoltaic parks. These can be produced by animals, tree branches, tall grasses, etc. Many times these false alarms, in conventional ARCs cause the system to stop working properly soon and that a good part of the cameras are inoperative.

It is necessary to have a good ARC that makes intelligent management of alarms. The real ones are communicated to the security forces, the security guards or the client. The technical alarms generate a maintenance ticket so that the incident is solved and the surveillance team is always in optimal conditions.

The surveillance of an installation as critical as a photovoltaic park should always be supported by three main points that are closely related:

1) photovoltaic safety engineering;

2) the correct installation of the security elements that space needs;

3) the connection to a good alarm reception center that alerts us when there is an intrusion attempt or when maintenance work is necessary.

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