What is a Wifi Adapter?

Companies require a good network to be able to carry out many of their daily functions and tasks, such as access to applications and work tools, digital communication channels, or information backup processes, among others. Having a good Wi-Fi network in a business or industrial environment is key to being able to connect different devices remotely, and guarantee maximum coverage in the company. Next, we will see what a Wi-Fi network adapter is, its main characteristics and why it is important to have good adapters to guarantee the best wireless network connection for a company.

What is a Wifi Adapter

A Wi-Fi adapter is a device that allows you to connect a computer to a wireless network, that is, it allows you to access it remotely (without the need to connect via a cable).

A Wi-Fi network adapter can be a network card that connects to a computer’s PCI or PCI Express port, or a plug and play wireless device that connects to one of the computer’s USB ports (either rear or rear). as forwards).

What are the characteristics of a wifi adapter

A Wi-Fi adapter has a series of characteristics that must be known in order to select the best model to connect efficiently to the business network and enjoy the best coverage, access speed and performance.

  • Network technologies. The adapters must be compatible with the type of network that the company uses, such as with the 802.11ac or 802.11b/g/n standard, or if it supports the 2.4 GHz band for higher performance connections.
  • Coverage range. The coverage range is another important feature of this type of device to ensure that they can receive the signal from the router or link point efficiently.
  • Connection type. Wi-Fi devices can connect to computers in different ways, the most common being through USB ports (another common option is to install an internal network card in the PCI Express slots of the computer).
  • Drivers. The Wi-Fi network device software allows it to work on the computer, and may include drivers for different operating systems (Windows, Linux, Mac…).
  • Extra options. Many Wi-Fi network adapters can have interesting features, such as a WPS button that allows you to configure access to the router automatically (without the need for configuration or entering a long and complex password).
  • Transfer capacity. Another point that should always be considered when purchasing a Wi-Fi adapter is its transfer capacity, since its ability to take advantage of all the resources offered by the network depends on it. For example, if the company network is 1 GB/s, it is necessary to purchase an adapter capable of supporting this transfer rate.


Qué es un adaptador de red wifi


WiFi network adapter Advantages

Wi-Fi network adapters are very interesting devices to guarantee the access of many of a company’s equipment. The main advantages of using this type of wireless network adapters are:

Guarantee greater coverage

With a Wi-Fi network device you can connect any computer in your company to the business network, regardless of its location. If you have a good Wi-Fi installation that extends the coverage of your network to all areas of your business, with Wi-Fi devices you can connect from any computer, anywhere.

Cost reduction

Wi-Fi network devices have a really reasonable price, so you can have a connection to the network in your company’s equipment without having to make a large financial investment.

In addition, with this type of device you will not have to face costly cable network installations (hiring technicians, purchasing materials such as gutters, network cable reels, Ethernet connectors, associated works to eye and run cables…).

High performance

Current Wi-Fi network adapters offer wide coverage and high performance, allowing them to be used efficiently in professional environments.


They provide mobility

If the computers and equipment of your company connect to the Wi-Fi network with adapters, it is much easier to change their location. Moving an office, rearranging an office or changing a computer is much faster and easier if you use Wi-Fi network adapters for your internet access and the business network (the location is not limited to a network outlet on the wall) .

Wide variety of devices

In the market there is a wide range of this type of device where it is possible to choose a model that adapts to the specific needs of your company. For example, it is possible to buy a Wi-Fi USB adapter that incorporates several antennas to maximize coverage, or you can buy a small Wi-Fi USB adapter to connect to your computer and that practically goes unnoticed.

We have seen what a Wi-Fi network adapter is and why they are very important devices to ensure that a company’s computers can connect efficiently to the business network from any location and without the need to implement a cable installation.

If you want to acquire the best Wi-Fi network devices, do not hesitate and contact us. We offer you a wide variety of models so that you can select the type of Wi-Fi network adapter that suits the needs and technical characteristics of your company.


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