What is Perimeter Security Systems?

One of the issues that most concern companies is related to the security of their assets and how to protect their premises, offices, merchandise, vehicles and other essential assets for their activity and that are part of their assets. Perimeter security is essential to have a cushion or barrier that prevents access by unauthorized persons or criminals to the property of a company or to any real estate or material property.

Betting on security specialists is key to being able to establish the ideal security perimeter in each case and use all the key elements to make it an optimal and secure system.

What is perimeter security

When we talk about perimeter security, we are referring to the use of different techniques and protection tools that aim to establish a line of external defense that allows increasing the level of security.

A good perimeter security system establishes a perimeter (closed environment that surrounds a specific area) where security controls are carried out and where different procedures are implemented that prevent or hinder access by unauthorized persons.

A very important aspect when talking about perimeter security is the range where that security perimeter is established, that is, if the area from which access will be prevented is short, medium or long range. Depending on the type of asset or assets to be protected, the degree of risk, the type of business and other criteria, a greater or lesser security perimeter must be chosen.

It must be taken into account that the greater the security perimeter, the greater the demands will be in terms of infrastructure and surveillance personnel.

Seguridad perimetral

How perimeter security systems works?

A perimeter security system seeks to establish a barrier around a company facility in order to more efficiently control access to them. A perimeter system performs a number of valuable security functions, such as:

  • Prevention and detection. They monitor a security perimeter around a property to prevent unauthorized persons from trespassing (deterrent action) and to detect any intrusion immediately.
  • Time optimization. With a good perimeter security system, time is saved so that the security team can act efficiently in the event of incidents or unauthorized access problems.
  • Risk evaluation. Perimeter security allows the implementation of a security system that allows the evaluation of the situation of a property in a much simpler and more efficient way (thanks to perimeter security elements such as barriers, sensors or CCTV cameras, for example).

In order to carry out this process of creating a security perimeter, it is essential to install a perimeter barrier that delimits access to the interior of a building or an office, commercial premises or home, as the case may be.

How perimeter barriers works

Perimeter barriers are elements that perform a double function. On the one hand, they act as deterrents for unauthorized people to try to enter areas that are prohibited for them. On the other hand, they are also elements that warn if someone accesses an area without permission, so that you can act immediately to solve the possible problem.

By installing a perimeter barrier system, an area can be secured in order to accurately detect if an unauthorized person trespasses. To do this, these barriers use infrared technology to detect the passage and thus facilitate the sending of an alert to achieve an immediate response.

Systems with perimeter barriers intercommunicate with a central system in order to efficiently manage all their operation and the alerts they issue. In addition, they are usually accompanied by other key elements to be able to form the best perimeter security system, such as deterrent signs, sound elements so that they are triggered in the event that the perimeter limits are exceeded or even security cameras or video surveillance that are activated in case crossing those limits.

Types of perimeter security systems

There are different tools and types of perimeter security that a company can use to build a stronger and more efficient barrier to protect its material interests and property. Among the types of perimeter security most used in security systems, we can highlight:

  • CCTV surveillance systems. Where exterior cameras are used to monitor the entire security perimeter (incorporating technologies such as motion detection, night vision or intelligent video analysis).
  • Access control systems. To control access points with sophisticated identification systems (detection by pin, fingerprint or biometric pattern, among others).
  • Sensors. Key elements to guarantee the best perimeter security, such as motion sensors, detection sensors, fiber optic sensors, disturbance of the microphone cable fence and electrostatic field, punctual vibration and seismic.
  • Electrified fences. For critical installations, it is necessary to previously obtain the relevant permits (because they are harmful to people).
  • Microwave barriers. To detect presences and movements without the intruder being able to detect the system (they remain hidden).
  • Ground radar systems. Radars that make it possible to detect people, animals and physical elements (cars, motorcycles…) from a great distance (from 700 to 1500 meters), and which are normally used for security systems that require a wide perimeter to control.

We have talked about perimeter security, what it is and how it works so that you can have a clear and precise idea about this fundamental concept for the security of your business or company.

If you want to establish the best perimeter security system in your company or home, do not hesitate and contact Microsegur, we will offer you a service adapted to your specific needs that will allow you to enjoy a higher level of security.


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