Alarms for Warehouses

Businesses are a common target for common criminals and, more dangerously, for organized gangs who focus their targets on warehouses and factories where they can obtain more substantial loot. Alarms for warehouses are essential to protect us from theft and other unwanted intrusions.

Alarms for warehouses

The installation of security systems for industrial buildings requires a much higher level of specialization than we see in the domestic sphere. A prior engineering project is also required, in which all the necessary security measures are designed.

Industrial buildings and spaces are difficult to protect due to the large surface area they occupy and because they are usually located in remote or uninhabited places. It also compromises safety having ample outdoor space and a large perimeter.

In such a place, if there is no protection, it is much easier to enter than in other places. And that is why they are in the crosshairs of thieves. Also because they contain raw materials or goods that are easy to steal and sell on the black market.

The security of industrial buildings requires a custom project. It is not the same to protect a warehouse that does not have bare surfaces as one that has a large warehouse and storage areas or outdoor parking spaces. We also have to consider the breadth of the perimeter to be protected, as well as the geographic location of the facilities.

Alarmas para Naves Industriales

Types of alarms

Below we detail the different types of alarms for warehouses.

Exterior presence detectors

They are alarm systems based on sensors that by means of infrared can detect the presence outside. They are ideal for spaces that have a large perimeter or a large open space. They are used to detect potential intruders prematurely, especially in remote or uninhabited places.

Volumetric alarm system

By emitting infrared rays, these alarms are capable of detecting the moving volume represented by an intruder. They are capable of sending signals to a connected alarm center or also emitting acoustic and luminous signals that scare away thieves, while alerting the guards.

Fire alarm

Fire alarms use electronic sensors capable of detecting smoke, fire, and changes in temperature. These detectors activate acoustic and light signals and send an alert signal to the connected alarm center.

alarmas for warehouses

Safety fog

When the alarm equipment detects a strange presence, it can generate a dense fog that prevents criminals from seeing. It serves to buy time for the security forces to arrive. They also make it difficult for thieves to move easily and locate what they want to steal.

Video surveillance cameras

Video surveillance cameras are placed inside and outside the ship. Outsiders will protect the perimeter. They are used to locate and detect possible intruders. The interiors, to remotely control everything that happens in the ship. Video surveillance cameras can be wired and connected to a central or they can be wireless cameras.

Motion sensor

Motion sensors are capable of detecting the presence of bodies moving in space. Doors and windows are placed to detect the entry of thieves.

Opening detectors

They are placed on doors and windows, and are activated when they are opened. The detectors emit an alert signal that is captured by the alarm center, so that the security protocol is started.

Glass break detectors

When a glass protected by one of these sensors breaks, an alert is triggered. They are used to protect windows and shop windows.

High power sirens

Sirens go off when there is an intrusion. They have a deterrent effect. The thief knows that his presence has been detected and that the guards or the police will soon be there. Sirens are installed alongside other presence detectors that we have discussed above. It is a reinforced security measure: those responsible for security are notified, but also anyone who is nearby and can hear it. The thief knows that his plan has been compromised the moment a powerful siren goes off.


Like sirens, the spotlights are also activated when there is an intrusion. They have a deterrent effect. The thief knows that his presence has been detected and that the guards or the police will soon be there. The spotlights are installed together with other presence detectors that we have discussed above.

Control and communication panel

It is a two-way intercom that is placed at the alarm control panel and at other strategic points. It allows direct and bidirectional communication with the alarm receiving center. It also allows to issue warnings to the thieves who are in the building and to dissuade them. One of the most used alarms for industrial buildings.

The importance of your security system being connected to a ARC

In any security system today it is essential to have the support of a good alarm receiving center or ARC. The receiving center takes care of receiving all the signals emitted by the alarm and security devices that we have seen in the previous point, implementing the corresponding security protocol.

If the alarm occurs, but it is not centralized anywhere, the response may be late and useless.

In industrial buildings, where a large perimeter has to be monitored, remote surveillance is essential. From the ARC you can see through these cameras and know what is happening. An intrusion attempt can be prevented remotely: an optical or acoustic signal is detected and emitted that drives away potential intruders. We prevent the attack before it occurs. We can also control the thieves if they enter and locate them so that the vigilante team catches them before they arrive to steal.

Systems connected to an ARC can also be compatible with the existence of security guards on site, since when it is a large space that needs to be protected, it is good to have that remote assistance.

In many cases, physical surveillance is not feasible. This can be covered with an ARC that monitors remotely and receives the alarms and activates the necessary responses.

The alarms for industrial buildings must be designed, installed and maintained by companies specialized in industrial security. Only they have the engineering and qualified technicians for this type of facility.



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