Autonomous Security Systems

Surely you have ever wondered how a blackout affects a security camera. This type of incident ends in most cases with the security and video surveillance system inoperative, that is, it cannot work due to lack of electricity. That is why the use of autonomous security systems, which do not depend exclusively on electricity, has become an increasingly popular solution in industry and in companies of all kinds. These systems have an independent power source, either through batteries or solar panels, which guarantee the uninterrupted operation of the security and video surveillance system.

In addition to being more reliable, stand-alone security systems also offer greater flexibility and adaptability in terms of installation and configuration, making them ideal for emergency situations or for installation in hard-to-reach areas.

What is an autonomous security system?

An autonomous security system is one that has its own power system for its operation, so it is not dependent on the traditional electrical network.

For example, video surveillance cameras that use solar panels or lithium batteries are autonomous security systems that continue to function when there is a blackout, power cut or any other problem with the power supply system.

The use of autonomous security systems, such as video surveillance cameras with solar panels, allows companies and industries to guarantee the protection of their facilities, assets and personnel, without interruptions in the security service.

In addition, these types of systems represent an investment in sustainability and energy efficiency, since they reduce dependence on the electricity grid and contribute to the conservation of the environment.

Why is it so important to have autonomous security systems?

One of the big problems that a security system faces are power outages, since the energy supply necessary for its operation is not available.

This situation creates a great risk for any security system, either because of an accident or sudden blackout, or because it is the victim of intentional sabotage to leave the system without power (ie, not operational).

Autonomous security systems are the solution to this problem due to the large number of benefits they provide, among which we can highlight:

  • They incorporate electrical energy generation systems (such as solar panels) and energy storage (such as lithium batteries), so they do not depend on the supply of the electrical network.
  • They have a great autonomy that allows them to work for days without the need to be connected to an electrical outlet.
  • They provide all the services typical of security systems (video surveillance, movement detection, intercom, alarm and warning system, data transmission, etc.).
  • Normally, they use solar panels, so they are ideal for helping sustainable development and caring for the environment.

Autonomous Security Systems

What is eGuard?

At Microsegur we have achieved an optimal solution to guarantee the total autonomy of security systems. This is the use of eGuard, a system based on autonomous security posts that have a robust and simple design that allows it to adapt to any environment.

It is a system that stands out for its quick and easy installation, so it can be used anywhere and be available for use in a short time (it only needs an area of five square meters for its installation). In addition, it offers different communication alternatives, such as 4G and 5G networks.

This system based on solar panels offers total autonomy, because it can even operate continuously for three days without solar radiation. Some of the most interesting features of eGuard are:

  • It is perfect for those points where it is necessary to maintain constant surveillance, such as storage areas or hot spots in a construction site or facility. With its ability to operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, it guarantees security and control of the area at all times.
  • It features a compact design that makes it easy to transport and deploy anywhere.
  • eGuard’s ease of installation and configuration allows it to be put into operation quickly (ideal for emergency situations or in places that require immediate surveillance).
  • eGuard’s autonomy in terms of communications and energy provides great independence and versatility. Its solar panel system avoids the need for external power sources and its ability to communicate via wireless connections allows it to operate anywhere without depending on telecommunications infrastructure.
  • It has a remote configuration system.
  • It is an ideal support tool for guards who cover large areas (with the ability to detect movements, video analysis technology with thermal cameras…).

Sistemas de seguridad autónomos

Autonomous security system technology is rapidly evolving, and it is a trend that is gaining more and more followers in business and industry. These systems not only allow continuous and efficient operation in any situation, but also significantly help to reduce costs and increase efficiency in surveillance processes.

With our eGuard service you have a comprehensive, autonomous and efficient system that will allow you to save more than 25% of surveillance costs and you can deploy it anywhere thanks to its compact and robust design.



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