How Does My Security System Still Work in a Power Outage?

A video surveillance system is one of the best alternatives to guarantee peace of mind in a company or any industry. Before its installation and during its operation, some questions arise, including How Does My Security System Still Work in a Power Outage. These devices are connected to the electrical network, for this reason, it is logical to want to know what happens if it is interrupted.

As we well know, a blackout affects daily tasks and can cause serious problems. These power outages in certain businesses or shopping centers give rise to criminal acts. For this reason, we are going to explain what measures can be adopted in these cases to continue guaranteeing the security of the space.

How does a power outage affect security cameras?

The installation of security cameras has experienced significant growth in recent years. This service is truly effective in risk situations. One of its main advantages is that it is operational 24 hours a day, for this reason, it is a deterrent and preventive element.

A power outage can present a real problem. As we have indicated, it serves to prevent vandalism, so many doubts can arise about its operation. We might even be concerned about the damage that may occur to the equipment in the event of this type of unforeseen event. We do not know if it would affect its internal structure and if its implementation would cause problems.

When it comes to a cut due to works or maintenance, the distributor is obliged to give at least 24-hour notice. However, if a fault occurs, things change. In the first case, we can anticipate and take the necessary measures. In the second case, it will catch us unforeseen and, in some cases, it would mean significant economic losses.

Cómo afecta un apagón a una cámara de seguridad

Do video surveillance cameras work without electricity?

For a security camera to work it has to be installed to the electrical current. Therefore, if a blackout occurs, the device would stop recording images. However, today, we have more advanced technology and more features to be able to respond to these problems.

Currently, we can find models with a main and secondary power supply. This option is highly recommended if these interruptions in light occur, because the device will continue to work and, therefore, capture the images.

That is, the interruption would affect depending on the type of camera and its characteristics. In these cases, it is best to connect the camera and the router to an uninterruptible power supply (UPS). This is the best way to guarantee autonomy, however, this will depend on the budget and needs of each person.

Do security cameras work without internet?

On the other hand, we also have IP cameras or CCTV circuits, which are connected to the Internet or by Wifi. If a power outage occurs, several different scenarios can occur. Therefore, it is necessary to study what is the best solution for each problem.

Internal memory

On the one hand, there is the camera that contains an internal memory, so it can work perfectly, even if the cut occurs. However, to access the images you have to wait for the connection to be restored.

Connection to mobile phone

Also, there is the possibility of connecting the camera to a mobile device and use the data to prevent it from stopping working. In rural houses, farms or remote areas, without internet connection, this alternative can be tried.

Autonomous solar batteries

Finally, in those places where there is no access to electricity, autonomous solar batteries are often used. Nowadays, there are autonomous portable solutions, which are used in certain works or events and which are characterized by their great effectiveness.

Autonomous security posts, the best autonomous solution

Microsegur has designed the perfect solution for surveillance to respond to these problems. In many construction sites, industries or department stores, the best alternative is to bet on eGuard to ensure security and protection permanently, even if this series of unforeseen events occurs.

It is an Autonomous CCTV security equipment to have control in real time. Its robust design adapts to any surface and allows it to cover a wide perimeter, therefore, it is ideal for venues where the installation of a surveillance system is complex or a temporary option. The best way to provide a solution is to anticipate problems. In this regard, eGuard is a pioneering system and a benchmark in the private security sector.

How Does My Security System Still Work in a Power Outage?

As far as autonomy is concerned, which is what really matters in relation to this issue, we must highlight its operation for three days without solar radiation. A possibility that is expandable if an optional generator is installed. In addition, the installation is very quick and easy and allows communications via 4G, 5G, satellite and radio.

However, it never hurts to have an alarm verification service, specialized in perimeter protection systems, to provide greater security to this type of facility. In this sense, Turkana is a very effective software designed by Microsegur. It has the ability to filter and review real alarms and activate the protocol with the Security Forces and Corps, if necessary.

In short, if you have any doubts about How Does My Security System Still Work in a Power Outage, contact Microsegur to offer you the best professional advice. We are a company, with an innovative spirit and in constant evolution, to respond to the needs that arise in this sector. We are specialized in perimeter security in complex environments and we have developed important projects around the world.


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