Factory Security Systems

Factories are one of the most propitious spaces for thieves to carry out their robberies. They are vulnerable places due to their location away from population centers and neighbors that allow thieves to steal without attracting attention. Video surveillance in factories has become essential in recent years to stop this escalation. It is increasingly necessary to have a permanent monitoring service that is in operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Only in this way will you be able to be aware of everything that happens in the factory and thus have graphic evidence in case of detecting robberies, assaults and other events harmful to the company. Contact Microsegur to find the video surveillance solution that best fits the needs of your business.

How can video security system help a factory?

Video surveillance in factories can be of great help to increase security and to dissuade possible robberies and thefts that may take place inside the company’s facilities. Some of the reasons to install video surveillance systems in factories are the following:

Perimeter protection

A video surveillance system in a factory can be of great help to control the perimeter of the factory. It is a protection barrier that has a great dissuasive power against possible theft, thus increasing security in the company’s facilities. It helps to control what happens inside the facilities, but also to protect the perimeter of the company itself. You can request a detailed study of the security risks that your company has and request the installation of video surveillance systems at the critical points of the perimeter that are most effective in raising the security standard.

Space security

Another advantage of installing video surveillance in factories is that it guarantees security both inside and outside the space. Inside, it is of great help in preventing criminal activities that may be carried out by factory staff, such as theft of raw materials, tools or machinery. Facing the outside, they help to avoid and identify possible assaults, intentional damage to property or breaking doors with the aim of breaking in to steal. Video surveillance helps to lengthen when these issues occur and thereby increases the security of the premises.


Protection against possible fires

One of the most damaging events that can occur in a company or factory is a fire that destroys all the facilities. Just as it is the duty of the company to ensure the safety of the workers, it is also essential to ensure the safety of the company’s facilities, machinery and raw materials due to their high economic value.

Video surveillance cameras are a very useful instrument for detecting possible electrical failures or small fire outbreaks that can be observed at the moment they originate in order to react quickly and put them out before a fire starts in the factory.

Protection in seasonal closures

Many factories carry out production stoppages throughout the year that can last days or weeks. This takes place either for maintenance tasks, for the installation of new equipment or for circumstances of a lower production need. These seasonal closures can be taken advantage of by thieves looking for places without workers to carry out their robberies. The installation of video surveillance and alarm systems for Industrial Warehouses is the best solution to protect the workplace from possible assaults and robbery attempts that alter and damage the company.

Access control

Video surveillance systems are very useful to have a record of factory entrances and exits. It is the best way to know who enters and who leaves, at what times and thus detect possible intrusions by strangers who have criminal intent. In the same way, this access control is of vital importance to control access to restricted places within the factory where sensitive information or dangerous goods can be found that could endanger the company or its workers. Many companies also use it to find out which employees are on schedule.

Control in loading and unloading of goods

Sometimes, during the processes of loading and unloading merchandise, thefts and robberies occur that can damage the company and its relationship with suppliers and customers. The video surveillance systems help to check in real time that all the merchandise has been introduced into the transport systems and that nothing has been diverted with any other intention. Only in this way will the company have real proof that everything that appears in the agreements and orders made has been loaded and unloaded.

Inventory control

Factories work every day with a multitude of materials and components that enter and leave their respective warehouses to be integrated into the production process or to be sold to the end customer. Video surveillance systems in factories allow for a record of inventory inputs and outputs that allows volumes to be accounted for without the need to be in person on site.

As you can see, video surveillance in factories is of vital importance to increase security and avoid possible criminal acts that could harm the company and its workers.

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