Questions You Should Ask Your Security System Provider

Business robberies have multiplied in recent years. Having a good security system is not a luxury, it is a necessity that any businessman has. Thieves target companies, because the amount they can steal is much higher than in private homes. If you need to protect your business, in this post we are going to teach you Questions You Should Ask Your Security System Provider.

We will divide it into two blocks:

1) Questions about security cameras, as they are the backbone of any security system

2) Questions about the technical capacity of the installer.

Everything you need to know about security cameras

Security cameras are the key piece of our protection system. Before installing video surveillance cameras, you should ask your installer.

What area do the cameras cover?

And, depending on the size of the lens, the camera may have a greater or lesser range. The size of the lens is very important, especially when we have to cover the surveillance of large spaces (warehouses, parking, photovoltaic parks). Thus, a 50mm lens can have a range of 70 meters.

The size of the sensor also plays a role. The larger the sensor, the more light will enter and the greater the angle of view we will have.

The lens and sensor tell us the range in meters (how far it goes) and the opening angle (the width of the image).

Do the lenses have to be fixed or do I need varifocal lenses?

The fixed lens does not allow zooming, that is, zooming in or out of the image. Depending on the use that we are going to give it, it can be interesting to be able to zoom in or out to see the objects more clearly. If the lens is fixed and pointed at a specific location that is clearly enough, you may not need a zoom.

With the varifocal lens, we can manually adjust the zoom (on fixed cameras) so that it focuses more or less on a specific section.

Preguntas que deberías hacerle a tu instalador de sistema de seguridad

Infrared or non-infrared camera?

Infrared lenses allow us to have night vision. This may be necessary in spaces that are poorly lit. There are cameras that incorporate infrared lights and simple cameras which you can support with an infrared focus. However, you have to bear in mind that these cameras are different from thermal cameras, based on the heat radiation that a body emits. See article, Types of Outdoor Security Cameras. Thermal cameras are a good option for discreet surveillance in dimly lit environments and provide sufficient image resolution for the security guard to identify the alarm in question. If you do not have lighting problems in your company, you will not have an extra cost.

What IP protection should the camera have?

The degree of IP protection in security cameras refers to the level of resistance that the equipment has against dust and water according to a specific regulation. The cameras undergo various tests and trials to find out how they will behave in harsh environments where water and dust are present. Cameras have to be operational in different working environments. Therefore we need to know what resistance they can have before installing them.

Questions You Should Ask Your Security System Provider - Microsegur


Fixed cameras or PTZ cameras?

Fixed cameras are not motorized and always point in the same direction. I can modify the zoom, if you have a varifocal lens, to open or close the angle of view, but I will have to do it manually. However, a PTZ-type camera can be moved on a horizontal axis and on itself, allowing me to remotely control which area to focus on.

If it is not strictly necessary, it is advisable to opt for fixed cameras, because they are cheaper and have a lower maintenance cost. They are also longer-lived.

Can I always use the same type of cameras?

The answer is no. Each camera is especially suitable for monitoring one type of space or another. It is necessary to develop a video surveillance project and clearly define what type of cameras we need in each part of our facilities. In this way, through a combination of the different existing technologies, we can optimize the CCTV security system solution.

Wireless or wired cameras?

Sometimes we have to use wireless cameras because we cannot carry a data or power cable to power the camera. It may be the only alternative for video surveillance in remote locations. If there is a possibility to wire the cameras, it will always be better because the data transmission will be more efficient and they will have a stable power supply.

Preguntas que deberías hacerle a tu instalador de sistema de seguridad

In wired cameras, which are the most common, we will have to ask and insist a lot on the type of cables to be used. This must have an adequate level of protection and capacity to transmit information.

Is it necessary to have backup batteries?

Like critical computer facilities, cameras should also have a UPS-type battery backup so that when we run out of power they can continue to function. One of the most important Questions You Should Ask Your Security System Provider.

What type of hard drives are you going to install?

Cameras are important, but so are, and a lot, the recording systems that we use. Images are currently being fed onto high-capacity digital hard drives. We have to take into account the quality of our recording medium because it is the essential complement to our security system. We must also know how long I should keep security recordings, since there are legal deadlines to keep recordings according to data protection regulations.

Hard drives must be checked periodically, because sometimes there are cases that, when they are used because we are investigating something, it turns out that they have failures in the recording periods and that the hard drive has been without working for days without our knowledge.

Questions You Should Ask Your Security System Provider - Microsegur

Questions about the technical capacity of the technician

The installer will also have to answer us a number of important questions. Not all security camera installers are qualified to tackle big projects. Nor do all of them have the necessary certifications and accreditations. We must obtain information about their titles, their curriculum of works and similar projects, the clients for whom they work, the projects carried out, the brands of materials with which they work, etc. This will give us valuable information before selecting our installation company.

We hope you are clear on what Questions You Should Ask Your Security System Provider before embarking on such a crucial investment for your business. You have to take into account the quality of the materials, but also the qualification of the installer. Both aspects are critical for your security system to keep up with your company.



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