Thermal Security Cameras

Video security systems are a very important part of the security of an industry or company, since they allow monitoring and controlling large areas with a high degree of precision. One of the most interesting advantages of this type of service is that they can carry out their video surveillance work in the most adverse conditions, such as during night periods where there is no natural light. Thermal security cameras are the technological component that allows security systems to be very efficient in conditions of little or no lighting, so they are always present in any good video surveillance system.

What security thermal cameras are ?

Thermal cameras are devices that can detect and measure the infrared radiation emitted by objects, so they can represent the environment they monitor with precise images. These cameras are capable of capturing thermal images that represent the temperature distribution in a scene or surface, using sensors that convert infrared radiation into electrical signals.

Security systems that use thermal cameras can differentiate between objects and people or animals, thanks to the different temperature they emit. Taking this aspect and other variables such as surface, hardness or firmness into account, thermal cameras can build reliable images in a light-free environment.

We can differentiate between different types of security cameras, but thermal cameras are one of the most interesting to improve a complete and comprehensive video surveillance system for companies or offices. The main advantages offered by thermal cameras for the security of a company or organization are:

  • They make it possible to increase the level of security at night or in areas where visibility is poor.
  • It makes it easy to capture images using motion detection, significantly reducing the number of false alerts.
  • Its installation, maintenance and consumption is lower than other types of cameras, since they do not need additional lighting for their correct operation.

Cámaras de seguridad térmicas

How thermal security cameras work?

The operation of this type of cameras is based on the emission of infrared radiation emitted by any object (emissions that are not visible to the human eye, since their range is between microwave radiation and visible light).

Thermal cameras detect this heat radiated by objects, animals, and people through a series of special sensors, allowing them to create a specific temperature pattern. Once this pattern has been processed, the cameras build a precise and reliable image, where each dot represents a different temperature (warmer colors represent higher temperatures, and cooler colors represent lower temperatures).

Application of thermal cameras in security systems

Thermal cameras have various applications in modern security systems due to their ability to detect objects and people in the dark and in low visibility conditions. Some of the most common applications are:

Security at night

Thermal cameras are very useful for surveillance at night, since they can detect objects and people even in complete darkness. This allows security systems to maintain constant and effective surveillance during night hours in companies, industries and areas that are not frequented or used during those hours.

For example, they are ideal for guaranteeing efficient surveillance of a factory at night, without the need for on-site security personnel.

Perimeter protection

They are ideal technological devices for perimeter protection, as they detect any movement or activity in the monitored area, even in low light or visibility conditions.

To detect and prevent unwanted night incursions on the perimeter of a company, building or specific area, thermal cameras are the ideal solution.

Cover greater distances

These types of cameras are capable of covering great distances if they are installed properly. This characteristic offers wide possibilities for security systems that must cover large areas, such as farms and plantations, business or industrial estates, sports infrastructures, etc.

Guarantee people’s privacy

These types of cameras do not identify people, but rather detect their presence thanks to the heat emitted by their body. Therefore, when using thermal cameras, you can be calm with aspects such as the protection of personal data and all associated regulations.

Fire systems

With thermal cameras, firefighters can detect the human presence in a fire, and thus be able to act more efficiently and quickly in their rescue.

In addition, they can also be used as prevention measures and that facilitate rapid action in the event of possible fires (detecting people among the smoke generated, for example).

Industrial Security

Thermal cameras are used in the industry not only for the detection of intruders and the improvement of video surveillance systems, but also as elements to detect the working conditions of certain machinery or devices (for example, to detect the overexertion of a pump or engine and take appropriate measures to avoid a possible breakdown).

Thermal Security Cameras

We have seen what thermal security cameras are, how they work and what are their main applications today. Thermal cameras can be used in different lighting conditions, since they do not depend on visible light to capture the image. In addition, they are capable of detecting objects and people in the dark, as well as through other elements such as fog, smoke, dust, and other types of visual obstacles.

To get the most out of a video security system, it is important to have an alarm verification service specialized in perimeter protection systems. If you need to improve the security of your business, do not hesitate and contact us, we offer you a professional service adapted to the needs and characteristics of your business.



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