Types of Security Cameras

Keeping the office, parking lot, commercial premises, warehouses and other company environments guarded is essential to protect material resources and the workers and customers themselves. Current video surveillance systems use different types of security cameras that incorporate advanced technology, allowing different functions to be carried out to control the work environment and company facilities.

Security cameras are basic elements in the protection of a business so choosing a camera according to its resolution and the place where they will be installed are two aspects that should always be taken into account.

Next, we will talk about the great importance of having a video surveillance system in your company and what type of cameras you can implement in it, to have a complete and efficient system to protect your business.

Why are security cameras important for your business?

Installing various security cameras in your company will provide you with a series of advantages in relation to security, allowing you to be more calm and confident in terms of the protection of your business.

The main reasons to install a security camera in your business are:

  • To control everything that happens in the company without having to be present.
    To provide an environment of greater tranquility to workers and also to customers.
    As a deterrent to thieves and criminals.
    To have evidence before a judicial process (to prove a robbery, for example).
    To decrease the insurance policy fee.
    To prevent insider theft (by inconsiderate employees).

Tipos de cámaras de seguridad

What types of security cameras are there

There is a wide range of security cameras on the market, with multiple companies offering different models. All these camcorders can be classified into different types or groups, so knowing them is essential to be able to identify the cameras you need for your business.

For example, you can see a comparison of dome camera vs bullet camera to assess which type is more interesting for your company.

Infrarred Cameras

Infrared cameras are known as night vision cameras and are ideal when surveillance is required in low-light areas, to monitor at night, or in video surveillance systems that operate 24 hours, to ensure that they can record and monitor from efficiently throughout the day.

One of the most interesting features of this type of camera is that they work in normal mode during the day or when the light is sufficient, that is, they record in color as long as the light is sufficient. When the intensity of the light is not adequate, they automatically go into infrared mode, emitting that wavelength and continue recording, displaying a black and white image.

IP Cameras

More and more companies and facilities are betting on IP cameras, since they allow the simple creation of a video surveillance system that can be controlled and monitored over the internet.

This type of camera is connected to a network via ethernet or wifi cable, to the company’s router, configuring its own IP in that network for each camera. In this way, special software can be used to gradually add each camera and assemble a complete video surveillance system.

With IP cameras, images can be easily accessed using mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones, which is ideal for seeing what is happening in the business regardless of the time of day or location where you are.

Outdoor cameras

We can differentiate other types of special cameras that have the necessary protection to be installed outdoors. These cameras are designed to monitor and record outdoor areas of the company such as access points, parking or garage, and any other area of the company that is outdoors.

The price of these cameras is usually higher as they are made with special materials to withstand inclement weather, with protection against dust, rainwater or sudden changes in temperature.

Many outdoor cameras also have night vision through infrared bulbs to be able to perform their function during the hours with less light of the day, or even at night.

Two special types of outdoor camera are the thermal camera, which can see in both night and day conditions, regardless of the light conditions, since the image is formed from the infrared radiation that bodies give off, as well as the anti-vandal camera that has Greater protections to prevent it from being tampered with or broken by any malicious criminal or criminal.

Zoom and motion cameras

Not all cameras have functionalities such as zoom or the ability to rotate and record different areas. These cameras, called PTZ domes, are ideal for covering large areas of the company as they can rotate in different degrees or zoom in and out to take panoramas or make close-up recordings.

An interesting feature of these cameras is the remote management that can be given by the owners of the company or those in charge of security, to be able to control even the smallest detail of their business.

Cameras with audio

A surveillance camera that allows to capture and record the audio provides the company with a higher level of security, since it will not only monitor what is happening visually, but it will also collect any noise that occurs or even conversations between people. It is one of the main types of security cameras.

Some models include, in addition to a microphone to capture the sound, speakers, allowing remote interaction with the camera.

Hidden cameras

These types of cameras are usually small and have special designs to go unnoticed. Many of these models can be camouflaged inside objects or pretend to be other devices (such as a smoke detector, for example) to be able to perform their function in a hidden way, without people being aware of their presence.

types of security cameras

Complete security cameras

This type of all-in-one security cameras have the ability to function optimally both in outdoor environments and inside premises and offices. Among its most outstanding functions we can name its wireless interconnectivity using Wi-Fi networks, night vision, ability to capture audio, and the ability to zoom, rotate the camera or detect movement.

This type of camera is very versatile and can be used to carry out efficient surveillance in different areas of the company.

With the different types of security cameras that we have seen, you will be able to identify the ones you need to implement a good video surveillance system in your company. With the wide variety of cameras on the market, you can find really competitive prices for high-quality cameras.



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