Video Analysis System for Perimeter Security

The number of robberies and assaults on the private property of companies is really high, especially in those businesses that do not have a good perimeter security system that uses appropriate technologies to detect unauthorized access and generate alerts automatically. One of the most efficient technologies when it comes to creating the best perimeter security system is video analysis. It is about using video as a key detection and action tool, thanks to the real-time analysis of the images taken by the cameras installed in the perimeter. Let’s see what a video analysis system for perimeter security is and why it is a key element to improve the protection of your company or industry.

What is video analysis in security?

Security video analysis consists of the use of complex computer programs that are capable of analyzing in real time the images captured by security cameras by creating different edited rules on the camera image itself, to offer valuable information to security officers. security equipment, such as detection of people, vehicles or animals, identifying false alarms or recognition of people, among other data.

Modern video analytics relies on technologies such as artificial intelligence to employ sophisticated algorithms that provide faster and more reliable results in terms of automatic detection and notification. Other technologies are also used, such as machine learning (so that systems improve efficiency autonomously) or big data (to access large volumes of data and thus be able to make comparisons or detect patterns).

If you want to know more about how intelligent video analysis works, in the previous link you can access relevant information on this very interesting subject.

What are the characteristics of video analysis for security systems?

We can highlight different important characteristics within the video analysis systems applied to the security sector, and they are the following:

  • Protection. They provide a system to improve protection and security.
  • Immediate or Speed action. Immediate verification of the image itself that generates the intrusion.
  • Flexibility. They adapt to any environment and location.
  • Amplitude. They allow to control short, medium and long range perimeters.
  • Differentiation. They facilitate the identification between objects, people and animals.
  • Interconnection. They are integrated with other systems and technologies (such as connection with the CRA for immediate classification).

Sistema de video análisis para seguridad perimetral

What are the advantages of video analysis in perimeter security systems

Video analytics is one of the most interesting and efficient tools that can be incorporated into a perimeter security system, as it facilitates detection and allows security teams to act much more quickly and efficiently in the event of any problem or incident. .

Let’s see what are the strengths of video analysis for your company’s security system.

Greater efficiency

With an AI-based video analytics system, perimeter security will be much more efficient. This type of technology is very precise when it comes to identifying people or recognizing if the person who crosses a perimeter is a vehicle, a person or even an animal.

For example, thanks to video analysis, the number of false alarms caused by the incursion of an animal within the perimeter (such as a cat or a bird) is minimized.

Speed up reaction times

In safety, timely action is key to obtaining the best results. Intervening before a security problem or incident occurs is ideal, since this way losses or risky or dangerous situations are avoided.

Video analysis is key for video surveillance teams to have a tool that automates many of their tasks and generates warnings immediately so they can act quickly.

It is not the same for a security guard to have to monitor what is happening on different cameras for hours, as it is for a system based on artificial intelligence that will not miss any detail of all the cameras connected to the system.

Reduce costs

Implementing video analytics in a perimeter security system will lower business costs in a number of ways.

  • It will be possible to reduce the personnel necessary for security, since the video analysis will be in charge of many of its tasks autonomously (although the use of this technology does not necessarily mean doing without security personnel, since they can dedicate themselves to other important tasks for increase the level of protection).
  • The number of false notices and alerts that do not imply a risk to the company and its assets will be reduced.
  • They integrate efficiently with other devices used in the perimeter security system.

Video Analysis System for Perimeter Security

High degree of customization

Video security analysis allows a very high level of customization to adjust the different detection parameters to the specific protection needs of each company. For example, these parameters can be adjusted according to the characteristics of the installation (if they are in a field area, take into account the possibility of small animals entering to avoid false alarms).


Video analysis systems for perimeter security are very flexible and scalable, that is, they adapt to the needs of the company at all times.

If you want to expand the perimeter; In other words, introducing more cameras into the analysis system can be done quickly and easily, without the need for a complex and expensive installation process.

Having the best video analysis system for perimeter security is key for your company to have an optimal level of protection. It is a very efficient technology that helps to manage all the control processes and access to the perimeter of your company, warehouse or commercial premises.

Do not hesitate and contact Microsegur, we will offer you the best service so that you can implement a video analysis system to significantly increase the protection and control of your perimeter security.

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