Intelligent video analytics

Security systems are becoming more sophisticated and autonomous, using new technologies to be more efficient when it comes to detecting and preventing situations such as unauthorized incursions, acts of vandalism or theft. Intelligent video analytics, for example, is increasing efficiency when it comes to monitoring protected areas and detecting potentially dangerous or risky activities. These systems use cameras that act independently, analyzing the situation and issuing alerts, both dissuasive, and notifications by email or SMS.

When implementing an intelligent video analysis system, it is very important to choose a security camera with the appropriate features.

Next, we will talk about intelligent video analytics, how it works and what are the benefits it brings.

Intelligent video analytics – what is it?

An intelligent video analitycs is a system that improves the operation of security cameras by providing them with the ability to detect critical situations autonomously, that is, without the need for supervision by a person. For this they make use of artificial intelligence in the analysis of the images taken by the cameras.

Thanks to the advancement of technology, the installation of an intelligent video analysis system is possible today in any business and organization, thanks to the reduction of costs of this type of device.

In today’s alarm and security systems, implementing video analysis is the best way to increase the level of protection and security, since it generates immediate responses to risky situations without the need for human intervention.

Intelligent video analysis: what is it for?

Intelligent video analytics has many applications, both in the business sector and in organizations, public companies or at the community level.

We can focus the main uses of these systems on:

Surveillance of buildings and owners’ associations

Security in buildings and neighboring communities is significantly increased with the use of these intelligent video surveillance systems. In common areas and access places (doors, barriers, windows, etc.) monitoring will be available 24 hours a day, so that immediate warnings are generated every time an incident occurs.

Análisis inteligente de vídeo

Business monitoring

In companies, the use of these intelligent systems is the best way to protect your business, such as access areas (such as the warehouse, restricted areas or parking), your commercial premises, or the parking lot where they keep their work vehicles.

These systems reduce the number of theft or vandalism and provide a greater degree of peace of mind for business owners, who can rest assured that their business is always monitored and responsive to any incident in real time.

Protection of perimeters and large areas

Intelligent video surveillance systems are the most effective way to protect perimeters and large areas in an automated way. With the installation of smart cameras, large areas can be monitored and alarms generated when dangerous situations occur. In this way, the alarm signals are transmitted to the alarm receiving center and the operator acts accordingly.

In large areas, many security cameras are necessary, which means that the guard and operator have to be attentive to too many control points at the same time. Intelligent video analysis allows all cameras to be monitored efficiently, avoiding the common mistakes when this surveillance is carried out by one person.

Intelligent video analytics – how does it work?

In intelligent video analysis systems, when the cameras detect a critical situation or event, they automatically generate an alarm (which can be sound, light or a signal to an ARC). They can also send an email advising of the situation that is occurring.

The main characteristics of these intelligent systems are:

  • They do not require human attention, since they work autonomously detecting movements and emergency situations.
    Its operation is permanent, they monitor 24/7 everything that happens in their viewing area.
    They generate alerts automatically when an incident occurs.
    They autonomously activate deterrents when they detect an emergency situation.

Knowing intelligent video analytics and how it works is the best way to get the most out of these systems to improve the security of companies and communities.

Intelligent video analytics: what are its benefits?

Implementing an intelligent video analysis for a business, neighborhood community, building or any area that requires protection and access restrictions, provides a series of benefits, among which we can highlight.

Best response time

One of the main advantages of using an intelligent video surveillance camera system is the reduction in response time to incursions and other risk situations.

When an anomalous situation is detected, an immediate response is generated by the system, the alarm receiving center is alerted and the action protocol is activated based on what is established with the client (by calling the police, for example).


An intelligent video system serves as a crime prevention element. Thanks to its ability to activate deterrents such as turning on lights or using the public address system, many situations can be avoided in the protected area.

Imagine an attempted raid on a building. When the cameras detect this situation, they automatically turn on the interior lights and activate a voice message that will cause the criminals to cease their activity and leave the area.

Decrease false alarms

Artificial intelligence allows these systems to more accurately detect dangerous situations, which reduces the number of false alarms typical of traditional surveillance systems significantly.

The end user receives fewer calls and warnings thanks to the analysis capacity of these intelligent systems, which serve as filters to alert, only of really important situations in relation to security.

Cost reduction

One of the great benefits of these artificial intelligence video surveillance systems is the reduction of costs for the company, organization or entity that implements them.

Video surveillance and verification systems are unified, the alert system is automated and the number of guards required to monitor and protect an area or company is reduced.

To protect a company, community of owners or company, intelligent video analysis systems are the ideal solution, since they create a safer and more reliable environment using deterrents and automatically alerting to any incident that could be potentially dangerous.




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