What is Network Infrastructure?

Around the networks there are many terms that we do not know and that is why it is not uncommon to wonder what network infrastructure is, one of those words that may vaguely sound to us for having read it.

It is a very broad term and is sometimes used interchangeably with telecommunications infrastructure, although this is more extensive and includes more elements.

The resources that make communication possible

In order to know what network infrastructure is, we must think about the elements that are necessary for a communications network to work, so that a definition would be all the wiring, hardware and software that is needed to install a network and that it works.

What elements make up a network infrastructure?

There are some that are common, structured cable is one of them, and others that may or may not be, such as fiber optic cables, although the truth is that there are no large business networks that do not incorporate them.

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Structured cable

Until not so many years ago there was a problem with communications cables, and that is that there was one for data and another for voice, which meant that in large installations a large investment had to be made, since there was no choice but to double the installation. .

This was resolved with the implementation of TCP/IP communications convergence infrastructures based on structured cable, the main component of this infrastructure that allows grouping all business and industrial communications needs in a common wiring network, which saves work and money, as the number of cables to be laid is drastically reduced. In addition, future expansions of systems or components may use the same infrastructure initially established.

One of the main strengths of current communications networks and their infrastructure is that they are based on standards approved internationally by standardization groups. For this reason, it is possible to make equipment from different manufacturers coexist without exclusive dependence on the equipment originally used, which is always an economic advantage since the user will be able to choose between all the options available on the market.

Qué es infraestructura de red

Electrical power supply

Communications equipment needs constant electrical power, so a fundamental part of the design of a communications infrastructure is the calculation of the electrical consumption required by the different elements that compose it, in addition to guaranteeing its stability and operation.

Without it, a network does not work, and although it is true that networks do not usually have very high requirements in terms of the total power that is consumed by other systems, it is always convenient that there is easy access to electricity.


Uninterruptible power supplies or UPSs are essential in the case of large networks, since it is what guarantees their operation and prevents them from going out of order when there are power outages or if electricity is not too stable in that area.

The simplest explanation is that they are supervised power systems that incorporate batteries, which, when connected to the electrical network, are recharged. In this way, if there is a power outage, they are activated and are able to keep all the devices electrically powered for a predetermined time, the duration of which will depend on the criticality and functional design established in the project.

At the same time, they also filter fluctuations in the electrical network, which in some places are so important as to damage the rest of the hardware that makes up the network infrastructure.

As for the autonomy of UPSs, this depends on the size of their batteries and how much the devices connected to them spend, so it can range from a few minutes to close critical processes and nothing breaks, to several hours. In some cases, to guarantee power under any contingency, multiple redundant power supply systems are established, in which, once again, the level of redundancy of the UPSs will depend on the criticality established in the design and the required system availability.

Security and control system

A network has a multitude of elements that cannot be controlled individually, so this type of system is used that allows it to be done centrally.

You can find out if a part of the network is not working, if a UPS is off, if there is a switch or router that is causing problems, etc.

Network monitoring systems (commonly known as Network Management Systems or NMS) allow administrators to know the status and quality of communications throughout the infrastructure in a simple way. In addition to this basic monitoring function, in many cases they allow the management of the entire infrastructure in maintenance tasks and programming renewal.

Network electronics

Se encuentra conformada principalmente por los switches y puntos de acceso wifi que actúan comos elementos de centralización local para interconectan los diferentes elementos de la red (servidores, ordenadores, periféricos o cualquier dispositivo IP). Ahora, gracias a las redes wifi es muy fácil hacerlo y de hecho se puede conseguir aunque existan largas distancias, lo que facilita mucho la tarea a las grandes empresas o incluso hacerlo en espacios abiertos exteriores.

Aquí es conveniente saber cómo realizar un estudio de cobertura wifi, ya que este tipo de señal se ve afectada por muchos factores, siendo la distancia y los obstáculos dos de ellos. De hecho, conviene que los dispositivos tengan visión directa, pues un simple árbol puede volver inestable la señal.

It is mainly made up of Wi-Fi switches and access points that act as local centralization elements to interconnect the different elements of the network (servers, computers, peripherals or any IP device). Now, thanks to Wi-Fi networks, it is very easy to do it and in fact it can be achieved even over long distances, which makes the task much easier for large companies or even do it in outdoor open spaces.

Here it is convenient to know how to carry out a Wi-Fi coverage study, since this type of signal is affected by many factors, distance and obstacles being two of them. In fact, it is convenient that the devices have direct vision, since a simple tree can make the signal unstable.

What is Network Infrastructure

What types of networks can we create?

There are many types of networks right now, but at the business level two are mostly used.


It is a type of wired network that we can find in any building or industry, and for which fiber optics or copper ethernet cables are now used.

The fiber optic infrastructure allows, compared to copper ethernet cabling, to cover long distances and connect to dozens of devices, which is why it is widely used in the industry, in which it is common to require communication coverage for very large elements. far from the points where the servers and central equipment of each management system of an industrial plant are located.


We define as WLAN or WiressLAN those communication infrastructures where cable is not used. Right now it is preferred in demanding environments where long distances have to be covered, as there are repeaters and access points for the professional market, which can cover large areas.

Thanks to this type of equipment, both speed and stability are guaranteed, as it could not be less when networks are used in the workplace.

We already know what network infrastructure is, some of its main elements and which are the networks that are most used right now thanks to all that infrastructure, which is essential for any company to carry out its work today.


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