What is SIP communication?

SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) communications are used in voice IP or VoIP calls. This technology is used to establish a connection between several users based on the characteristics of this protocol, in which it is necessary to have internet access. This type of telephony is used to transmit data according to this standard.

The most normal thing to be able to communicate over the internet and connect to the network is to use a certain protocol (HTTP, TCP, FTP, SIP, etc.) In this post, we are going to offer you more details about SIP in communications and what are its advantage. Without a doubt, the greatest use of IP telephony is in companies and has aroused great interest in the telephone switchboard sector.

What is SIP communication?

The SIP protocol (Session Initiation Protocol), that is, Session Initiation Protocol, is a protocol used to establish a “session” between 2 or more participants, modify that session or terminate it and is mainly used to make calls and video calls by IP. This technology is text-based and closely resembles the HTTP protocol. Through a series of rules, data transmission between the user and the server can be established, thanks to the digitization of the acoustic signal and the possibility of dividing this data into several packets

Unlike the analog connection, the SIP address is not tied to the use of a phone number. Simply, it would be enough for the person to log in from a device that has an internet connection to contact another user. The functionality is much broader, since it is not only limited to audio input, but messages and videos can also be sent.

How the SIP protocol works

SIP communication tries to establish communication between two computers over the Internet. These devices will act as a conventional telephone. To be able to make a voice or video call, this service must have been contracted with a telephone company. In this sense, it is essential that the bandwidth is of quality, taking into account that the cable offers greater guarantees than Wi-Fi.

Likewise, the user must have a SIP address to be able to carry out the communication. Operators have a large number of options and plans, so depending on your needs, you have to study what is most convenient. Devices must be compatible to communicate with this SIP protocol. Either a computer, a smartphone or an IP phone could be used without any problem.

what is sip protocol

Actually, this account could be equivalent to a phone number or an email address. This address is shared with the person with whom we are going to communicate, as if it were a telephone number. Taking these characteristics into account, it is necessary to use software to establish this contact.

Therefore, having our services to make special installations in security and communications in an integrated environment is a guarantee. There are certain environments that have special characteristics (temperature, corrosive environment, etc.), so a really effective data system must be designed and implemented.

The benefits of SIP communications

The use of IP telephony offers a large number of advantages if we make a comparison with the traditional telephone. The user will have a series of much more interesting possibilities, however, companies are the most benefited by the cost savings and enormous functionality in a globalized and interconnected era.


This protocol uses text for a much easier implementation and uses methods similar to HTTP to establish the session between users. URLs are of great help in identifying a communication. Likewise, the SIP peer also plays a very important role, because it contains the routing information.

Flexibility and scalability

The proxy functionalities, the location, as well as the redirection, among other parameters, can be on a single server or distributed among several. Therefore, different extensions or numbers can be contracted for different departments or locations.

Multiple calls

Another great advantage is that this IP telephony allows you to answer multiple calls at the same time. This is possible because wiring is not used as is usual in a traditional telephone. In addition, the trading companies offer these services at fairly cheap rates. So much so that they reduced the costs of national and international calls with the arrival of this protocol.

Comunicaciones SIP

Cost savings

Another benefit of installing this telephony compared to conventional telephony is cost savings. In many cases, between 30% and 50% on invoices, making it a highly recommended alternative. In addition, it allows control and unification of all internal and external communication in a single switchboard.

Use from any place

Another of the characteristics of SIP communications has to do with the mobility and ease of connecting from anywhere. In other words, a worker does not have to be in the office to make a call, as is the case with fixed telephony. This option is also highly recommended for business teams.

Advantages for remote work

The coronavirus pandemic has also favored the implementation of teleworking. This form of communication benefits remote work, as employees can connect with the company or its customers without the need to be physically there.

In short, this technology is highly recommended for SMEs and multinationals because it favors communication that saves costs. In addition, it is not necessary to be in a physical place to be able to communicate, since a device with an internet connection would suffice to do so. However, if you have any questions about the SIP protocol, contact us for better advice and to offer you the most effective solution.


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