Shopping Mall Security Measures

Shopping centers bring together many people who find in this space the ideal option to go shopping, have lunch or dinner in a restaurant, watch a movie or meet for a coffee, among other options. For this reason, the security protocol in shopping centers is of vital importance because we are exposed to certain threats.

The fact of bringing together thousands of people as workers, clients or service personnel implies having a control of the facilities and everything that happens in them. Although security guards play a very important role in guaranteeing protection, a security protocol adapted to these surfaces must also be in place.

A security protocol adapted to each Shopping Center

The private security guard is a professional whose main function is to monitor and protect the establishments of these large areas and their facilities globally. He will have the responsibility to protect people and carry out the necessary records and checks to fulfill his mission.

It is more than evident that in the shopping center there are free access areas like others that are protected. There are spaces that correspond to the administrative area, warehouses, boilers or safes that need special protection. For this reason, it is necessary to determine a security plan adapted to each center.

When speaking of a comprehensive security plan, certain factors must be taken into account, since each center has its own characteristics that have to do with its size, the number of clients, the dynamism of the center, etc. In addition, the security protocols vary according to the schedule, since there is not always the same influx of public.

Shopping Mall Security Measures

Types of common threats in shopping centers

The figure of the security professional is essential if we take into account the vulnerabilities that occur in a shopping center. These are some of those that are considered when preparing the security protocol.

The thefts

One of the biggest threats in these spaces is theft. As there are a large number of stores, and even large supermarkets, there are many items of value that can be stolen. In addition, there are very busy dates such as Christmas, the sales season or Black Friday where you have to take extreme precautions.


In most cases, shopping centers are exposed to acts of vandalism. In most cases, these actions are perpetrated by youth gangs. Graffiti or damage to posters or glassware are actions that are frequently repeated. This type of act affects the image of the center and its merchants as a whole.

Emergency Situations

These places are also exposed to emergency situations. On some occasion we have witnessed how they have had to evict them due to the threat of an attack or a possible fire. Although, a security guard knows how to act and is prepared for this type of situation, a fire detection system is also a very successful measure to avoid these risks.

Unauthorized pass

Large shopping malls have various entrances and exits for both customers and employees. For this reason, it is necessary to adopt all the necessary measures to know who enters and leaves, since there are people who pose a threat to security.


Another point of special vigilance focuses on the parking lot, whether it is inside or inside. The normal thing is that they are filled with vehicles, and much more, at rush hour. These areas are more vulnerable to theft and theft.

Lost Children

As we well know, children really enjoy these commercial areas. But, especially when they are full of people, it can happen that they get lost in the crowd. When there is an adequate security protocol, it is much easier to locate the little ones for the peace of their parents.

Prevention and access control systems in shopping centers

In order to face the various security threats that take place daily in these shopping centers, the important thing is to have the security systems that guarantee control and prevention.

Having access control systems can be an effective measure that prevents passage outside the established hours. These are some solutions that offer great advantages:

Video surveillance system through CCTV with video analysis

This television circuit plays a very important role and is a very useful safety tool. In addition, it is used to record evidence that will be of great use to the police or if requested by the judicial authority.

Currently, there are very advanced video surveillance systems that have greatly improved their optics and resolution. One of the most common questions is where to place the security cameras in these centers.

Obviously, the correct location is essential when taking into account the dead spots. Normally, a preliminary study should be done to study the most convenient places such as the entrance access roads or the parking lot, among others.

Systems of detection and extinction of fire

The regulations require the installation of fire protection systems due to the large influx of public. In the event of an accident, this measure would be of great help and avoid falling into safety negligence.

Alarm system

This preventive measure also makes it possible to control emergency doors and exits and prevent unauthorized access. A solution that also falls within the security protocol in shopping centers and that requires prior coordination, but that can be perfectly combined with CCTV.

Thermal cameras on the perimeter of the shopping center with video analysis

These security devices also serve to detect and control the presence of intruders or suspicious activity. The camera will detect a strange presence and will immediately activate as an alarm signal.

In short, although security guards play a very important role in shopping centers, the appropriate protocol must also be applied and other security systems installed that guarantee the protection of people and property in the center.

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