Solar Farm CCTV UK

The installation of Solar Farm CCTV in UK is a very effective measure to combat the security threats that these types of installations face. In these solar fields we can find a large number of photovoltaic panels and sophisticated equipment to generate electricity and meet the needs of hundreds of families.

However, these sites, as well as other spaces that guarantee renewable energy, are exposed to vulnerabilities and are subject to attack by criminals who put their correct operation at risk. Therefore, having a autonomous CCTV security equipment for certain areas, which are not equipped with adequate infrastructure, is not only a challenge, but also becomes a strategic solution that guarantees security.

The importance of autonomous security equipment in solar farms in the UK

The proliferation of infrastructures to obtain renewable energy is one of the biggest current challenges for companies in the sector. Safety needs to be improved at local farms and orchards, as well as at wind farms. Therefore, it is necessary to think of state-of-the-art technology to prevent theft and protection against vandalism.

Security is one of the main challenges faced by a large number of companies and industries, such as solar.

Solar farms in the United Kingdom play an important role in the electricity sector, so any risk that puts them in danger must be avoided. For this reason, designing an efficient security plan is one of the main current challenges. So far, these CCTV monitoring systems that protect facilities 24 hours a day have been proven to reduce crime.

Having a closed television team in large tracts of land or isolated areas is not always easy from a technical point of view. For this reason, only companies that will have a good budget could afford it due to the high costs that this entailed. For this reason, integrating high-definition IP cameras through CCTV allows these farms with large perimeters to be protected.

The reasons to invest in a CCTV monitoring and protection system

There are many reasons to invest in safe and effective monitoring systems for solar plants. For this reason, considering a security project with CCTV monitoring equipment is a solution that offers many benefits, as we list below.

Protection of solar installations

First, it serves to protect facilities, reduce equipment malfunction, prevent outages, and secure business assets.

Avoid economic losses due to the possible cut in electricity production caused by theft

Having a good security team will prevent a company from losing profits. A supply problem results not only in a bad image and business policy, but also leads to significant losses for the company.

Reduce security costs

On the other hand, solar farms will also see reduced costs associated with security. These video surveillance systems serve to complement the work carried out by security guards.

Reduce crime

These CCTV systems serve to identify threats and reduce crime because they incorporate sophisticated elements and monitoring solutions, such as thermal cameras, conventional cameras with infrared lights, or security lighting, among other options.

Ultimately, the idea is to protect energy supplies and detect any intrusion that could endanger the operation of these solar plants. Therefore, it is necessary to provide and guarantee effective and profitable mechanisms to cover the coverage of this high-value equipment.

Microsegur launches the perfect solution for control in solar plants

Taking into account the difficulties of installing Solar Farm CCTV in UK and the challenges that these solar plants face in terms of security, Microsegur bets on a professional solution for these installations: Eguard, the autonomous CCTV security units. This company, a benchmark in this sector, has developed a very effective solution with these autonomous CCTV posts.

CCTV en granjas solares de UK

Therefore, it will be possible to install watchtowers to monitor any area and ensure real-time surveillance. This alternative is a great advantage for any installation that wants to increase its security and reduce surveillance costs.

This tool is used to monitor storage areas every day of the week, 24 hours a day. One of the main benefits is immediate installation, autonomy, remote configuration and savings of 25% on security costs. It even serves as support for the guards, when it comes to large surfaces.

Without a doubt, one of its main characteristics is its great range (up to 350 meters). Its technical specifications include power from solar panels and a battery that guarantees correct operation for a minimum of three days with zero solar radiation.

To conclude, it should be noted that the configuration of these cameras is adapted to the demands of each client in order to protect their facilities. There are different models, depending on the needs of each person, such as thermal cameras, domes, mini domes, etc. However, in case of doubt, contact us to offer you professional advice on this matter.

The installation of Solar Farm CCTV in UK is a very wise choice. This idea is also transferred to other countries, like ours. Photovoltaic solar technology is in increasing demand, taking into account that it is clean energy and represents great economic savings. However, solar plants also need to preserve their businesses and introduce deterrent measures to prevent criminal acts from taking place.


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